Every year our “Expert” Panel comes together to judge all entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and they’re back to take apart the 2013 entries and rank them accordingly. While their characters and comments may be wacky, the scores are dead serious. All 13 panelists will comment on the song and rank them accordingly giving it points using a scale from five to zero. At the end you’ll also get to cast your vote in the poll. If you would learn more about the panelists and to discuss the show, join us on our Forum HERE

Let’s have a look at the current scoreboard:












Next up is the tiny, tiny San Marino who are sending Valentina Monetta for the second year in a row. This time they’re going Italian with the song “Crisalide”. What did the panel think?

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5 Points

Emma MagnusonI’m shocked! What a great song! And Valentina is a queen herself as I heard, so that’s an additional reason to love her! I’m looking forward to meet her in Malmö, I will surely invite her in the palace in Stockholm, she should meet the whole royal family! I’ll ask her if she has a brother to introduce him to me, I’ll sing to him the Finnish entry, and I’ll become Princess of San Marino!



Barb E Dahl

 I’ve been trying to find San Marino on a map for hours. Unfortunately I was unable to find it, maybe the fact that it was actually a dart board and not a map may had to do with that. But I didn’t feel like I wasted time cause I got to listen to this beautiful song over and over. It is such a magnificent song and I really hope it will make it far.



Alex ChandhokSo, we have a very sweet ballad at the beginning, followed by some rock elements, and then a dance beat to finish the song off. Mr Siegel was clearly behind the dance part. It still works, but I would have preferred if the song had stayed as a pure ballad. Valentina’s voice is incredible…she sounds much younger than her years, but the voice is still well trained. You can tell she a had a lot of say in the writing of this entry. Easily the best San Marino entry ever, and it deserves a place in the final.


Eau d'yre  LizzyEau: Oh my Lord. It’s the goddess, the goddess is here!! She’s representing San Marino again this year!
Liz: OMG, it’s Valentina… Mother of mothers, mother of all of us! OMG. I can’t help but worship her. She’s our past and our present. She’s our future. She’s heaven and earth. She moves in inimitable ways. I’m forever grateful to be with her in this lifetime… (to be continued)


Grandpa WatermanAhh my good old friend Ralph Siegel has produced the most amazing italian song I have heard
Job well done!



King Valentino XVIIWhat an exquisite work of art. This is what you call music. Composed by a god and sung by a Queen. “Crisalide” is a piece that tells the story of artistic growth. Gorgeous, indulgent melancholy builds until it EXPLODES into something that can only be described as epic. It’s orgasmic.. it’s life changing. Valentina’s voice is outstanding. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. This is an entry of exceptional quality and class. A truly breathtaking, tremendous piece rivalled only by “Suus”. My english! It’s…. improving!? Thank you San Marino, thank you ESCUNITED. I feel reborn.

RobertAfter the last year’s horrible “Social Network Song” I was expecting something in this style and that’s why didn’t have any enthusiasm about it. But “Crysalide” surprised me a lot to be honest. This is a great ballad, Valentina’s voice suit the song so much. The composition reminds me old Italian entries of 70-80th, the Italian language sounds amazing in the song. Very good choice from San-Marino, which must do well this year




4 Points

Glittery S BobAfter last year joke, Valentina shows a bit of class to all of trashy bitches from Eurovision. Very nice song and Italian is a really big plus. But, what the hack happens after 2 minutes? It sounds like a different song was simply stitched to the first one. It could be easily a masterpiece, but they blew that away with the last minute.

Scotty Too HottyWait! A serious song from Valentina?! She’s clearly been havingvocal lessons as she’s done a pretty good job! This song carries a message likeChristina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ – I’mguessing this from the video. I think the audience will love the change in thesong half way through, it brings an extra dimension and sheesh – she’s lookingmighty hot! From Baggy clothes Britney last year to Sexy sassy Christina thisyear – loving it right now! She can jump straight to the front of the queue(wait did I just say that!?) A great song with lots of momentum, passion andinterest – this will certainly qualify! This has Scotty too Hotties hot kiss ofapproval.

MorenikWow! Facebook girl! You have changed! What a voice! I would like to make you a carbonara or a canneloni to thank you for that amazing canzione, that is, if you don’t mind raw meat and green eggs! Well done!






3 Points

Dark MasterFacebook girl came back? Life finally makes sense, or…. does it? This sounds so serious. I wonder if she is under the Imperius curse.. I prefer the Facebook, or Twitter, whatever it was song from last year, compared to this one. I do think that the current one stands a good chance of qualification. It is in Italian, it has a nice melody. A wow is missing, so maybe she can bring her laptop with her on stage again.



2 Points




1 Point

Petronella PoetryWeird is what I say at first. First part of the song is like boring as one dying of thirst. But then everything turns to a Schlagerpop-song that takes over completely. But this song feels to be made neatly. I liked last years song better. That song makes me go to facebook rather than open a letter.



Britni SpirsovicOooj, The V is back and ready to redeem herself, like me circa 2009 when I released 3. Much like me in 2009, The V fails hard. What is this?! 2 songs glued together? Can’t decide between a ballad or a pop-dance song? WHY NOT BOTH!?! What a horrible creation. I don’t see anything good in this song.




0 Points







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