Every year our “Expert” Panel comes together to judge all entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and they’re back to take apart the 2013 entries and rank them accordingly. While their characters and comments may be wacky, the scores are dead serious. All 13 panelists will comment on the song and rank them accordingly giving it points using a scale from five to zero. At the end you’ll also get to cast your vote in the poll. If you would learn more about the panelists and to discuss the show, join us on our Forum HERE

Let’s have a look at the current scoreboard:



Today the Panel is going to review the entry from Belgium. Roberto Bellarosa was internally selected and the televoters chose the song “Love Kills”.

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5 Points


A song about me! Like I said about the Norwegian song, I always cook with love. Sadly, that love has, regrettably, killed a few people. So yes, Love Kills! Over and over! Until they took my frying pan away from me. But yes, full marks to Belgium from Morenik, as thanks for the homage!




4 Points



3 Points
Scotty Too HottyRoberto has a similar voice to Roman Lobb and a reasonablysimilar song to him too or is this just me? Will he be able to reach the highernotes on the night? I feel that this song will have a similar position as theirlast year’s entry – A half decent song but just not good enough to stand outfrom the crowd. It’s such a shame because they rarely produce anything shockingjust nothing that will make people think ‘wow’.



Barb E DahlRoberto certainly doesn’t like bitter things considering a bitter pill kills him over and over, talking about being overly dramatic. Considering his whole persona isn’t bitter, fun, sad, angry or any other emotion (except maybe boring) I am somewhat indifferent about this entry but at least the chorus is melodically appealing, the rest is okay.




2 Points

Dark MasterSometimes I think Roberto killing his love song with a double blow coming from his mouth. One his accent, two his voice. As the song was improved, I believe that those two blowouts can also be improved. Unfortunately, I do not have a potion that can enhance his English and spare us the torture. This tune has a catch, but it would be difficult for it to qualify.



Alex ChandhokI’m in two minds about this song. The problem since it was first heard was Roberto’s voice, and that is still a problem. Not only his vocal ability, but the sound of his voice and his pronunciation. It’s not sure what “Love keels” means and I really don’t want to swallow a “beeter pill”. My tongue might go red, and I don’t want to go back to DrLove kills over and over, says this boy from Belgium. This girl from Montenegro says his songs kills over and over. It is torture to listen to this song over and over. The boy’s voice is a little sweet, a little sour. The song is a little modern, a little boring. Not a mixed bag of treasures.. Singh. The other half of the argument is that the chorus is undeniably catchy, and if he nails it on the night, this could be a surprise qualifier.

Britni SpirsovicLove kills over and over, says this boy from Belgium. This girl from Montenegro says his songs kills over and over. It is torture to listen to this song over and over. The boy’s voice is a little sweet, a little sour. The song is a little modern, a little boring. Not a mixed bag of treasures.


Emma MagnusonI find this song bland. And I don’t like his accent. I find that his voice does not fit the song, and I feel like he’s singing without any feeling. No final for Belgium again this year.




1 Point

Petronella Poetry This feels pretty pointless. And a little hopeless. The melody is quite good, but other than that this is pretty dull. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if it ends in Eurovision with pointes null.




Grandpa WatermanMy Ears not working!



RobertSuch a mediocre cheap pop-song, which has a fragrance of the early 80th. In this situation not the “Love Kills”, but the “Song Kills” is much more appropriate heading. When I’ve read the news of Roberto choosing I had a hope that we will see a good presentation of ESC entry. But very weak live vocals of him, ruined my only hope. With this performance, I hardly believe Roberto can pass to the even to final




0 Points

King Valentino XVIII know we are not a supposed to comment on looks of the artist etc but I just seen the picture of this man in the promotional cd’s booklet i’ve been sent. His hair!? What is wrong with it? Does he think swooping it around his head is a good look? As for the song… my lord Ralph Siegel above is it awful. His voice, the accent, the song itself. This kind of music makes me weep.



Glittery S BobHow can you say that love kills? Perhaps after you listen this song it could happen. Luckily we’ll do that only 3 minutes because I can’t see this track going in the final. I don’t know why Belgium is still stubbornly singing in English? I would have liked to hear a little French from them.



Eau d'yre  LizzyEau: Oh dear. Everything about this entry just reeks amateurism. The show, expression, vocals, song. He’s the kind of singer I would absolutely not invite to my musical soirées. Everything just exudes a poor and continental atmosphere.
Liz: I’m not sure why Belgium chose this singer and this song, to be honest.
Eau: Oh, believe me, it was all set up. It was absolutely not about finding a winning song or showing Belgium’s musical grandeur at Malmö. If they had a good reason to pick this singer and this song, it would be to (to be continued)




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