Where yesterday was the longest and most exhausting day so far, today was a little bit less of a rollercoaster. We only had the second half of the second semi-final to look forward to. Let’s take a look at how this day went!

The rehearsals started with Croatia, but that wasn’t the first upload of the day on the official Eurovision channel. Portugal had requested an extra rehearsal because the organisation didn’t apply the requested changes. This request was granted by the EBU and so the first rehearsal clip of the day was that of Portugal

🇵🇹 Conan Osiris – Telemoveis

Watch Here 

The next video that was uploaded was that of Croatia who had their rehearsals early in the morning. They show a different part of the song than in their first rehearsal clip and they also show off a few cool camera clips.

🇭🇷 Roko – The Dream

Watch Here

Next up was Lithuania. They of course didn’t have to much to work on since they more or less copied the performance they did in their national final. The camerawork was smoothed out like most countries did today and besides that, there wasn;t that much more to do for them.

🇱🇹 Jurij Veklenko – Run With The Lions

Watch Here

Ever since Malta finished their first rehearsal, they have been steadily rising in the odds. This didn’t change today. They are now up to 6th after overtaking Italy. Are they destined for a good placement this year?

🇲🇹 Michela Pace – Chameleon

Watch Here

Then it was up to the number 2 in the odds, Russia. Thier concept of a lot of “Sergey-clones” was finetuned today together with a few camera shots. They unfortunately don’t show anything more than the previous rehearsal clip to keep us all patiently waiting.

🇷🇺 Sergey Lazarev – Scream

Watch Here

Next up is Albania. They seem to use a bit more of the potential of what the stage can do. They make some of the big triangles tilt and they also let them float in the air to create a nice atmosphere.

🇦🇱 Jonida Maliqi – Ktheju Tokës

Watch Here

Norway is also showing us the same clip as last time around, but the second rehearsal clips give us a better understanding of the atmosphere. The camerawork definitely makes the difference here.

🇳🇴 Keiino – Spirit In The Sky

Watch Here

The Netherlands weren’t satisfied with their first rehearsal and made a few changes, they went for a bit more darkness and intimacy and they tried to fix some of the camera shots that didn’t completely work out in the first rehearsals.

🇳🇱 Duncan Laurence – Arcade

Watch Here

After them, it was time for North Macedonia to enter the stage. They also work a little with cloning/mirrors and had a solid rehearsal. They basically only fixed a few camera angles and that was a wrap from them.

🇲🇰 Tamara Todevska – Proud

Watch Here

Finally it was Azerbaijan who took to the stage for their second rehearsals. Chingiz wowed the press with his first and continued this trend by making sure that also his camera angles were as good as they could be.

🇦🇿 Chingiz – Truth

Watch Here

That was it for the rehearsals, time to take a look at the press poll. The press filled in their scoresheets for ESCXtra and the results are in. Today’s rehearsal from Russia was deemed the best.

The biggest talking point in the odds today is the fall of Italy. Their rehearsal yesterday was a little bit disappointing to some, but they still stayed in 4th in the odds. Today, they officially dropped down to 7th. Azerbaijan went up to 4th and France jumped up 2 spots to 5th while Malta keep their 6th position.

Check out our Youtube channel for some reactions to the songs or to rewatch the entire livestream. Most notably, Matt gave us a nice glimpse inside Euroclub. Rewatch the stream

A few more fun things throughout the day:

  • Zena released the videoclip of her Eurovision entry “Like It”
  • Darude released a remix of Austria’s entry by Paenda “Limits”

Which rehearsal did  #YOU enjoy the most/least? Has anything made #YOU change your mind about a song? Let us know below in the comments, or on our forum!

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