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Escunited’s February and March music roundup: Releases from Hurricane, Katerine Duska, Blanche and more!

In a world where fear and isolation has run rampant and Eurovision has been cancelled, music can provide so much more than simple entertainment – now more than ever it can create community, comfort, distaction, and most importantly conversation points. For all of these reasons I have decided to reinstate the music roundup 3 months earlier than usual. Due to …

Crouching Tigers, Hidden Treasures – Country Spotlight: SLOVENIA

With their selection freshly unveiled, it is about time to discuss one of my all-time favourite countries. Note that I didn’t say “Eurovision countries”. Let us dive in, in medias res, because this Eurovision nation is one you can’t spell without the letters L – O – V – E : SLOVENIA. But like, always, the usual disclaimer: NOTE – …

Slovenia announces the 18 artists for the new EMA FREŠ pre-selection

Following their success at the 2018 and 2019 contest with “Hvala, ne” and “Sebi”, the Slovenia broadcaster RTVSLO has announced the 18 candidates for EMA FREŠ: the new pre-selection competition for EMA. After Zala and Gasper qualified in Tel Aviv, the broadcaster has realized that the audience of Eurovision is becoming progressively younger and that they have garnered success from …

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