The Eurovision National Final Season, is coming to an end, and tonight we just had one of the very last national finals. We’ve reached the end of Melodifestivalen, and after 6 shows, our winner is Robin Bengtsson!

The Grand Final!

From a total of 4 semi-finals, and 1 Andra Chansen round, a total of 12 songs were standing left in the field, which had a total of 28 songs from the beginning of this Swedish trip around the country. 2 acts had qualified from each semi-final, while 4 acts got another chance and were afterwards sent to the final. Tonight’s 12 acts performed in the following order:

Ace Wilder opening op for the Melodifestivalen Final
  1. Ace Wilder – “Wild Child”
  2. Boris René – “Her Kiss”
  3. Lisa Ajax – “I Don’t Give A”
  4. Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On”
  5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – “En Värld Full Av Strider”
  6. Anton Hagman – “Kiss You Goodbye”
  7. Mariette “A Million Years”
  8. FO&O – “Gotta Thing About You”
  9. Nano – “Hold On”
  10. Wiktoria – “As I Lay Me Down”
  11. Benjamin Ingrosso – “Good Lovin”
  12. Owe Thörnqvist – “Boogieman Blues”

The Swedes never hesitate when it’s about Eurovision, and they gave it all tonight as well. After a fast opening and introduction of the hosts, we jumped straight into the songs of tonight. As always, after we’ve enjoyed the show, then we reach the part where the vote is going to matter, and so while we waited for the results, then of course we got some entertainment but not much, cause it was time for the jury results, sooner than we thought,

Owe Thörnqvist is the last guy on stage

This past week, we ran a poll to hear, who should win the Swedish final, and according to you dear voters of our poll, this was the top 3 results:

  1. Mariette – A Million Years – 20%
  2. Jon Henrik & Aninia  – En värld full av strider – 18%
  3. Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down – 16%

You can always check our full results of our Melodifestivalen poll by clicking here. 🙂

The Results

As said earlier, the Swedes don’t hesitate, and it was time for the jury votes. Have this in mind, while the jury gave their points, it was still possible for viewers to vote for their favorite song, so maybe they could judge what the jury had made.

As can be seen on the screenshot, after Ukraine had given their votes as the very last country, then still no one had crossed the 100 point mark, and the points were still very well split between the acts of tonight.

Robin will represent Sweden!

The top 3 after the jury vote contained the following acts:

  1. Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On – 96 points
  2. Nano – Hold On – 76 points
  3. Mariette – A Million Years – 62 points

We could still conclude at this very point, that everything was still very open between the competitors, especially between the ones in top. Sadly, Owe didn’t manage to close the show with a bang, and only gathered 1 single point, from the juries.

Once again, the voting was still open at this point, so anything could still happen. 🙂

Once it was time for the televote results, it did indeed get very exciting, and in the end Nano was the winner of the televote results, but in the end, it was not enough, and Robin Bengtsson will represent Sweden in Kyiv with “I Can’t Go On”

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