After a full day with the first rehearsals of Melodifestivalen 2014 SVT just released one-minute clips of all the songs in semi-final one.

Yohio. Photo by SVT.

Yohio is going all out with a show of fireballs and dangerous moves around the stage. In an interview direct after the first rehearsal he states that it’s a dangerous number but he does feel a lot more confident than last year.

Mahan Moin. Photo by SVT.

Mahan Moin performs the song “Aleo”, a catchy song with a lot of dancing and movement. She say herself that Melodifestivalen is a dream that she has been chasing basically all her life and that she is very happy to be a part.

Linus Svenning. Photo by SVT.

The Youtube star Linus Svenning is known for his emotional songs, in Malmö he will sing the song “Bröder” (Brothers), a song first and foremost about his brother that passed away about three years ago. In the back he will show small movie clips from him and his brothers childhood.

Elisa Lindström. Photo by SVT.

Elisa Lindström, a known winner from Dansbandskampen (The dance band battle) and Körslaget is performing “Casanova” together with six male dancers. Elisa says that the hardest part of her show is when she has to walk up and down the stairs while singing.

Alvaro Estrella. Photo by SVT.

Alvaro Estrella feels that the song “Bedroom” is quite hard to sing but he’s excited to finally step up and be the singer after being a backup dancer for Danny Saucedo and Eric Saade, amongst others.

Ellen Benediktson. Photo by SVT.

Ellen Benediktson an 18-year-old girl performing the song “Songbird” a slow-moving ballad with a strong voice. Ellen thinks the hardest moment of the song is to have perfect control of her body to be able to perform the song and make it justice.

Sylvester Schlegel. Photo by SVT.

The only artist with an instrument in hand, Sylvester Schlegel is performing the song “Bygdens son” (The son of the countryland). He is not used to the cameras and he feel like that is his biggest challenge, to find the correct one at the correct time.

Helena Paparizou. Photo by SVT.

The former Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou performs the song “Survivor” with a great amount of power- standing still, yes – but with a lot of choreography. She says that she was really nervous for her first rehearsal and her legs were actually shaking and she felt that she would fall on stage (16cm heels did not help either). Even thought she is nervous she is very excited to take part in Melodifestivalen.

Watch and listen to the one-minute clips here.

What are your predictions? Who will make it to final and who will make it to “andra chansen” (2nd chance)? Discuss it on our forum here. 

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