Slavko Kalezic is already a very well-known contestant of Eurovision 2017 as his announcement of representing Montenegro was followed up with attention, great interest and responsibility. Now, he is working hard on a song, titled ‘Space’ and promises a good show in Kiev this year! We had the chance to talk to him, where he presented to us a vision, his wishes, expectations and willingness.

Quick intro of the artist:

Slavko Kalezić is a Montenegrin National Theatre actor, graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, specializing in voice (solo singing) and dance. At the same faculty he finished his graduate studies. Within his musical biography, it is worth emphasizing the extremely successful performances on the regional contest “X Factor Adria”. He has published two singles; “Guilty” and “Feel the Love”, and two years ago the debut album “Dream of eternity” was released with ten compositions. He is a character, and cannot leave anyone indifferent. Also, he speaks fluent English, Spanish and French.

What did he say to us?

Hi Slavko, how would you describe yourself to someone who meets you for the first time?

Hello, it’s me. I’ve been waitin’ for so long, this moment: to tell the whole world that my heart lives and beats for the ART. If I have art, I have it all.

Could you describe yourself to our readers in only five words?

Emphatic, honest, loyal, ambitious and open-minded.

What was your first feeling when you realized that you will fly the Montenegrin flag at Eurovision in Kiev this year? What does Eurovision Song Contest represent to you personally, and what professionally?

I started to scream and cry. Really. It was a moment I will never forget. I’ve been talking for so many years, in public, about my Eurovision mission and the Universe heard my dream, my big wish. And here I am. Personally, it is priceless to me. It’s something that after it happens you can really die. Really. „So happy I could die“, Lady Gaga would say. Art is my personal card, my identity. Professionally, the whole world, in 3 minutes, can see all my artistic skills that I’ve been workin’ on. I can recommend my talent for so many producers from all over the world. Acting, singing and dancing. I am a professional actor who is a permanent member of Montenegrin national theatre. I am a multimedial artist.

We have been checking comment sections on all articles about you, forums, social networks etc.. and the majority are really excited about your act. How do you feel about it? How does it feel to be in Eurovision bubble?

It’s amazing. I still can’t believe it. Believe me – every day I catch my tears fallin’ down from so much happiness. I am so thankful and so emotional that I don’t want May to come ‘cos I want this feeling to never end.

Tell us about the actual song and how it came about?

Momčilo Zeković, the composer of a song, offered to me to hear the demo of his song, about one year ago. I fell in love with the melody and lyrics instantly when I heard it. He told me that no one can sing that song, except me. I was so honoured.

Why ”Space”? What message would you try to deliver with your song?

I want to deliver the message that we’re all one and that there is no difference between us. I share with human beings the good and bad. But I give the possibility to bad human beings to become aware and understand that the only way of beautiful and essential interpersonal communication is to be good.

How are the preparations going? What can we expect from the song and performance?

I am so creative and hard-working. I will leave my heart and soul on the Eurovision stage and show the whole world that Montenegro is so powerful and a country of big talents and life & love ambassadors. I promise a serious and profound spectacle.

Do you think performing at the Eurovision Song Contest will have a positive impact on your career?

It already has a big impact. And I can only imagine what will happen after publishing my song and video, and after Eurovision performance. OMG! I can’t even think about it.

Apart from the Eurovision Song Contest, where is your dream place to perform?

Broadway & Hollywood. 


ESCUnited team is looking forward to meeting this decent guy in Kiev. This all alludes to a person who knows his goals and doesn’t hesitate to achieve them. He could bring Eurovision to a totally new dimension and we do expect that and also, pro sound and choreography that could take our breath away.


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