The final semi-final of the Melodi Grand Prix “circus” is set to begin this coming Saturday, which means we have another interview to release!

Today we get the opportunity to chat with drag queen and singer Skrellex, who has been singing for years but only recently transitioned her career into the art of drag. Since then her career has taken off in Norway, as she has been featured in a number of show on TV Norge such as Drags, Drag Me Out, and All Together Now.

Welcome to Skrellex, we’re extremely excited to have you for an interview today! How are you doing during all the MGP preparations?

I am so glad of being part of this insane circus, but also as the weeks go on and the other Semifinals are being aired, I realize how good the other competing artist is this year. So the nerves are here for sure 😉

Let’s help our readers get to know you a bit better – what is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

haha well I used to do wrestling when I was younger, and actually thought that was the path i was going with. Oh how the times have changed.

When did your interest in the art of drag begin, and how did that interest transition into a career as a drag artist?

So i actually started out as a background dancer for a drag duo called queentastic after their mgp debut in 2006, and after many years being fabulous in the back I got to be fabulous in the front. But it’s only the last 5 years I really made a career out of it and Skrellex was “born”.

Speaking of, you’re set to be the first drag act to compete in Melodi Grand Prix since Queentastic in 2006. And you’re also part of a number of drag-based performers in the national finals this year – why do you think we’re seeing more and more drag performers appear in Eurovision pre-selections?

yeah so its 17 years since a drag queen last put their heels on the mgp stage, so about damn time 😉 I think drag as an artform finally gets the attention it deserves , and of course we can thank mama Rupaul for that.

You said on Instagram that participating in the Melodi Grand Prix was a dream of yours since 1998, and I assume that is because of Dana International’s famous  win in Birmingham that same year. Am I correct in assuming this? 

Well yes and no, 1998 was the first time I ever watched Eurovision- and my young mind was blown away. But YES dana international being her fabulous self in Jean Paul Gauthier and winning, I mean epic. I watched her music video a million times and learned all the lyrics in Hebrew.

Was 2023 the first time you’d put yourself forward as an option for MGP or have you been trying quietly for a number of years? If this was the first time, why did you decide that this was the year you needed to compete?

So I submitted a song one time before like 4 years ago I think, but this was really early in my new drag career so I didn’t have much hope getting on to be honest. But this year I actually sent 3 different songs, just to make my odds better 😉 Also I wanted to be one to make a number that I myself have missed in the mgp. Bring schlager back 😉

Your song is written by an international songwriting team from the UK and Ireland, and all of them just recently saw success at Junior Eurovision 2022 given that Michael Down, Will Taylor, and Primoz Poglajen wrote Spain’s entry and Jonas Glanikoff co-wrote Ireland’s entry. How did this songwriting team come together and what was it like working with them?

I worked with the same team 4 years ago, and in 2022 we started working on Love again together. The gays just know how to do stuff you know, so it been so much fun working on everything together.

“Love Again” sounds like a dance pop track that could be playing in the Norwegian night clubs currently. But that begs the question: What can our readers expect to see from you on the MGP stage?

It 100 % is, the song is all about the love for the dance floors, and taking it all back after years of pandemic. They can expect FUN, life aint that serious and neither is mgp 😉

For our readers who want to follow and support you before and after the national final, where can they find you? Any plans or upcoming projects you’d like to promote while we have you?

Make sure to follow skrellexskrellex on instagram and tiktok!

In closing, do you have a final message you’d like to share with the readers of ESCUnited?

I wish everyone a fabulous “eurovision season” , but remember esc artist are people to, be kind, not every song is for everyone, not every artist is for everyone, but everyone has some these days, so let’s love Again. Spread love not hate.

Skrellex will compete in the third semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday January 28th starting at 19:50 CET. A total of three artists will be selected through a voting process to advance to the Grand Final on February 4th. The winner of the Grand Final will win the right to represent Norway at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in May.

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