Earlier on the day, we got the news of a disqualification in Malta, and unfortunately it didn’t end just there. Moldovan broadcaster (TRM) has now also been digging through their competitors, and have now removed two songs from the competition.

An 11 Year Old Song

To start with, which two acts are being disqualified from the competition? Well, it is about NÖRDIKA‘s song “Squeeze Paradise” and Massimo Sinceri & DA-MUSE‘s song “In Questo Domani“.

Now let’s look into why their are being removed from the competition, starting with NÖRDIKA. According to pretty much both Eurovision and Moldovan rules, a competing song must be an original song, that hasn’t been made public, prior to 1st of September of the previous year of the upcoming contest.

The group even acknowledged that their song follow all of these rules, except that it didn’t at all. Group member Ruslan Ţăranu, who has composed and written the song, uploaded the song on his own Youtube channel on the 8th of February… 2012! No, it’s not a typing error either, if you think it was supposed to say 2022.

A very clear break of both the national and international rules, when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the group will still participate in the national final, as they were the only ones who had two songs submitted. Instead they will now only participate with their song “Damn and Down“, also composed and written by group member Ruslan Ţăranu.

Nationality issues

Next up is the song by Massimo Sinceri & DA-MUSE, which was the Italian titled song “In Questo Domani“. A rather specific rule that we here at ESCUnited did point out, which led to multiple submissions not even being permitted in the first place.

To recap about the nationality rule, participants must be of Moldovan citizenship OR must not exceed the limit of 50% Moldovan representation, in case of a collaboration. Massimo Sinceri who is of Italian decent is by far in charge of the singing in the song, and exceeds by far the amount of Moldovan representation in the song, with barely any noticeable support from DA-MUSE.

The Italian rock song will therefor no longer be in contention for the competition, and neither will take part in the national selection process any longer.

This leaves a total of 31 songs, that will take part in the live auditions that are set to take place on the 28th of January, with the 10 highest scoring songs advancing to the national final, which is set to be held between 25th of February and 5th of March.

What did #YOU think about the two disqualified songs, and do #YOU think the two songs could’ve made it to the national final?
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Source(s): TRM.md (In Romanian)

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