This weekend had Serbia all written over it. 2 days ago, they held the first semi-final of Beovizija 2020, in which 12 acts participated and 6 of them qualified to the final. Then yesterday it was the second semi-final, which also had 12 acts with 6 more advancing. Finally there was tonight, where the 12 remaining songs were fighting for the spot in Rotterdam!

Beovizija 2020

As mentioned before, this years edition of the Serbian national final, contained a total of 24 acts, with 12 songs competing in the 2 semi-finals. 6 acts advanced to the final from each semi-final, and that left us with 12 songs competing in tonight’s grand final.

The 12 following songs made it and they performed in the following order:

  1. Milan Bujaković & Olivera Popović – “Niti
  2. Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista
  3. Neda Ukraden – “Bomba
  4. Andrija Jo – “Oči Meduze
  5. Igor Simić – “Ples Za Rastanak
  6. Thea Devy – “Sudnji Dan
  7. EJO – “Trag
  8. LIFT – “Samo Mi Kaži
  9. Ana Milenković – “Tajna
  10. Naiva – “Baš, Baš
  11. Marko Marković – “Kolači
  12. Bane Mojićević – “Cvet Sa Prokletija

Following the performance of our 12 finalists, we then got treated to some guest performances by both Marija Šerifović (ESC 2007 Winner) & Hari Mata Hari (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006), both acts got to perform some of their own hits, as well as their classic Eurovision hits “Molitva” & “Lejla“.


Just like any other national final, a winner has to be crowned and given the responsibility of representing an entire nation. Serbian national broadcaster (RTS) had decided to go with the same formula, that was used for the past 2 years. A 5 person jury and the televoters would together decide on the act, that would represent Serbia in Rotterdam, with each having 50% of the total power.

As usual, the jury were given the honor of giving their votes first, the jury consisted of Aleksandra Milutinović, Milan Đurđević, Aleksandra Kovać, Dragan Brajović & last year’s Beovizija winner Nevena Božović. Combining the score of these 5 jurors, the top 3 looked as follows:

  1. Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista” – 12 Points (47 Jury Points)
  2. Igor Simić – “Ples Za Rastanak” – 10 Points (39 Jury Points)
  3. Naiva – “Baš, Baš” – 8 Points (37 Jury Points)

Then shortly afterwards, the points from the televote was revealed, with the following finishing in top 3:

  1. Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista” – 12 Points
  2. Andrija Jo – “Oči Meduze” – 10 Points
  3. Ana Milenković – “Tajna” – 8 Points

By combining the scores from both the jury and the televote, the overall top 3 looked as following:

  1. Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista” – 24 Points (12 Jury + 12 Televote Points)
  2. Naiva – “Baš, Baš” – 15 Points (8 Jury + 7 Televote Points)
  3. Igor Simić – “Ples Za Rastanak” – 14 Points (10 Jury + 4 Televote Points)

By scoring top marks from both the jury and the televote, it was pretty clear that both parties agreed that the group Hurricane was the deserved winner with the song “Hasta La Vista“.

The girl trio consists of Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. Most fans will recognize the name of Sanja Vučić, since she represented Serbia very recently, back in 2016 with the song “Goodbye(Shelter)“. The more keen fans might also recognize Ksenija Knežević, since she is the daughter and backing vocalist of Knez from 2015, who represented Montenegro with the song “Adio“. These ladies sure know what they’ve signed themselves up for, since they have the experience on point already.

What do #YOU think of this powerful girl trio and how do #YOU think they will fare in Rotterdam later this year? So many questions which we’d like #YOU to answer on our forum HERE on our any of our social media sites

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