The Producers of the show reviewed all entries for this year’s competition and finally decided on the running order for both Semi Finals. Here they are:

Semi-Final 1
1. Armenia
2. Latvia
3. Estonia
4. Sweden
5. Iceland
6. Albania
7. Russia
8. Azerbaijan
9. Ukraine
10. Belgium
11. Moldova
12. San Marino
13. Portugal
14. The Netherlands
15. Montenegro
16. Hungary

Semi Final 2
1. Malta
2. Israel
3. Norway
4. Georgia
5. Poland
6. Austria
7. Lithuania
8. Finland
9. Ireland
10. Belarus
11. F.Y.R. Macedonia
12. Switzerland
13. Greece
14. Slovenia
15. Romania

In the past, the running order was decided via a draw however the Swedish broadcaster last year requested to have the final decision to ensure that every song will stand out and songs of the same style wouldn’t cancel each other out by performing one after another. Denmark decided to continue with the system which is considered by some as controversial.

On January 20th, a draw was held to determine the Semi Final allocation as well as in what part of the show (1st half vs second half) a country would perform. This is to ensure the delegations can work on their travel plans.

Join the convo HERE and discuss the running order. Do you think it’s a fair outcome or could have the producer done a better job?

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