this week met with the representative of Armenia and conducted an interview in order to give an insight as to who Aram Mp3 is.


Could you tell the readers of a bit about who you are and your background?

Hello everyone, I’m Aram Mp3 from Armenia! In my country I’m famous as musician, artist, musical comedian, host of many TV shows and just a positive person with a good sense of humor.


How did it feel when you were asked to represent Armenia in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest?

Well, that was quite unexpected. I was very happy and excited to get that offer! I used to follow Eurovision Song Contest since my childhood and couldn’t imagine that one day I will be singing from that stage. For me it is an honor to present Armenia to the international audience.


Was ‘Not Alone’ the only song you would have chosen to send to Copenhagen? Or did you have a few songs that you were trying to decide on?

My team and I had to choose “Not Alone” among more than 75 submission from Armenian and international composers! There were many different songs but finally we chose this one. It was not an easy decision.  Melody of the song is composed by me, lyrics are written by Garik Papoyan and instrumental arrangement is done by Lilit Navasardyan.


The song and video for ‘Not Alone’ is very dramatic, will this be reflected in the performance and staging when you perform in the contest in May?

Yes, of course. My song is very emotional and I will try to deliver all the feelings and emotions to the audience through my performance in Copenhagen. This song is about human relationships and emotions. There is always so much drama in them.


Have you heard any of the participating songs in Eurovision 2014? and if so, who do you think is your main competition.

Eurovision 2014 stands out for the variety of songs. There are very good songs submitted; all of them represent so many different musical genres and all of them are produced in a very professional way.  It will be not easy for Eurovision fans to choose their favorite songs, but I hope they will include Armenia 😉


You are currently the big favorite to win Eurovision 2014 according to the betting odds. Do you think you can win the contest? If so, how do you think the people of Armenia would react to the first Armenian win in Eurovision?

First of all I want to thank all my fans for all the positive and supportive messages they send to me. That encourages me a lot and proves that quality music will always find its audience. I am sure that Armenians will be happy to host Eurovision 2015.


Finally, do you have a message to the readers of

I hope to see you during my tour in the capitals of Europe. Follow my Facebook page HERE to stay tuned with fresh info about my concerts and of course enjoy good music!



We would like to thank Aram Mp3 for participating in the interview and wish him look when he participates in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Aram Mp3 will perform 1st in the first semi final on the 6th of May.

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