We’re thrilled to have gotten a chance to sit down with RODAN early this morning to talk about his song “Introvert Party Club” and his participation in the ESCZ national selection this year.

RODAN is a singer and songwriter from Prague who is participating in the Czech national selection for the first time. His first single “Gone” rose to the top of the Czech radio charts back in 2021, and was then nominated for Discovery of the Year 2021. Then in 2022 he released his first full length album Glasses Off which solidified his sound of contemporary pop mixed with with indie folk influences. Learn more about who RODAN is by reading our interview below!

Welcome to ESCUnited.com RODAN, we’re super excited to have the opportunity to chat with you today. How are you doing?

Hey, guys! Thanks for having me. I mean, this week is super stressful for all of us so I feel tired BUT excited at the same time!

This is your first time participating in the Czech national final ESCZ – have you always had an interest in competing for a chance to go to Eurovision, or is this a more recent dream of yours?

I’ve always known Eurovision (obviously) but I would never thought that I will be participating in this contest. I think it was because of the style or genre I wrote my songs in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my album “Glasses Off” but it is a really dark and alternative album. But when I heard “Introvert Party Club” for the first time, I was like: “yeah, let’s do it!”

You mentioned in your announcement video that “Introvert Party Club” is a song that you wrote at the songwriting CZ camp this past summer. What was your experience at the camp like, and how long did it take to write this entry?

It was definitely one of the greatest weeks in my life. I got to know and work with some many talented people from all over the world. And I met Jenda Vávra who’s basically like my brother right now. We wrote “Introvert Party Club” together with also Joe Dolman and Jeppe Appel and we did a whole thing in one day!

Alright time for some rapid fire questions to help our readers get to know you better – how would you describe your music and sound to someone who’s never heard it before? Are there any musicians who influence or inspire you musically?

I’d say that RODAN is just a normal guy who’s not really normal. He just stays at home and play FIFA instead of going out. And finally, he writes songs about it. About how does it feel to be this “normal” guy. The biggest influence on my music was from Dermot Kennedy, Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran.

When you’re not performing or working on music, how do you spend your free time?

To be honest, I only got like 2 personality traits = music and football. And when I don’t do music I usually watch or play football or play FIFA. I also like going to the cinema on my own. That’s such a cool thing.

What message do you hope your ESCZ entry sends to the Eurovision community?

We would love to show all introverts that there is a place where they could feel nice and understood. Our club is opened for everyone and we will be happy to have you there.

For your ESCZ staging you certainly took the more simple approach with just yourself and your trusted guitar on stage. If you were selected to go to Eurovision do you think we’d see a similar staging or would we see something completely different?

I would love to keep it as minimalistic as possible because I think that music is the most important thing in Eurovision. I loved the winner from 2017 cause he showed that you don’t need fireworks and that stuff. You only need music. Good music.

This would be a horrible interview if I didn’t ask you about your experiences with Eurovision. Do you remember your first memory of the contest and do you follow it each year at home?

I think the first time I’d heard about the Eurovision was when Mikolas Josef was representing us. And I do! I always try to follow and support the artist who’s representing our country. It would be a massive honor to be the one this year.

As we wrap up, for those who want to connect with you ahead of or after the selection– where can they find you and your music?

Basically everywhere:D Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. When you type “RODAN” there should be this “normal” guy.

Last question – is there any message you’d want to share with the ESCUnited readers?

Don’t be afraid to be an introvert. I know sometimes it’s hard but that’s why we created our “Introvert Party Club”. 

RODAN is one of five artists competing for the chance to represent the Czech Republic through ESCZ 2023 this year. Eurovision fans from all over the world can cast their vote for their favourite artist by going to the Official Eurovision App or escz2023.com. Voting closes at 23:59 PM CET on February 6th.

Are #YOU team RODAN for Czech Republic? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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