Our next interview comes from Sweden and features the dynamic duo of Eva Rydberg and Ewa Roos who will sing “Länge leve livet” at Melodifestivalen this Saturday.

Fans of Melodifestivalen will remember when both Eva and Ewa took the world by storm in 2021 with their Melfest entry “Rena rama ding dong”, catapulting them into the second chance round. Their song also resulted in a dance remix and an interval act appearance the next year. This will also mark Eva Ryberg’s third Melfest appearance, after her debut in 1977 with the song “Charlie Chaplin”.

Hello Eva and Ewa – it is so wonderful to get a chance to talk with you both today! How have you both been? 

Good and we have a lot to do! Having a great fun!

Based on my research, you two have known each other for quite a long time! How did you first meet?

It was in a revue, hosted by Hagge Geigert back in 1969-70! Named “Hagges revy” in Swedish. Very popular show.

You both started your careers in dance, theater, and music in your teens and have a number of successes since then. What would you say has been your favorite memory or experience as a performer?

Eva: It is difficult to say,  my dance & theater  has given me many experiences but to pick some I must say  being the lead act at Sweet Charity & Fanny girl in 1989-90, then of course my years at my own Fredriksdals Theatre and of course several awards could be added as my favorites.

Ewa: 1963 first record and TV performance and of course, My prize at the  “Gulden mask awards”for  best female lead and supporting role.

What is one thing that our readers would be surprised to learn about both of you?

Eva:  I have done TV in Mexico, performed at Olympen in Paris, done Supporting acts for Frank Sinatra and Lena Horn at Avici arena in Stockholm, and done a TV show with Gene Kelly.

Ewa: We have never been enemies! We have always been friends since the beginning.

I feel like one of the biggest reasons your last participation is so treasured among Eurovision fans is because you two have so much charisma and humor in your performance. Did you ever expect that “Rena Rama Ding Dong” would be so widely beloved, receive a remixed version, and result in an interval act performance in 2022? 

Eva: No, it was a complete surprise! I am very happy with how it’s been received.

Ewa: Absolutely not, although my husband said it was a hit! We had so much fun with all the versions.

Can we expect to see a similar humor-filled staging this year, or will “Lange Leve Livet” feature a different approach?

Both: Totally different, with swing, tempo and a happy feeling that entices you to dance.

I noticed Eva that your son Kalle is on the songwriting team again this year after helping to write “Rena Rama Ding Dong”. What was the song writing process like working with a new team for your 2023 entry but also working with your son again?

I work every summer together with my son at Fredriksdals Theatre, that works so well for us. Both writing teams works together and support us 100 % in this year of “melodi festival  2023”! And all of us are looking forward to be back on stage.

Do you have any Melfest entries that you consider to be personal favorites, even if they didn’t make it all the way to Eurovision? If so, what are they?

Eva: ”E det det här du kallar kärlek” with Lasse Holm & Monica Törnell 1986.

Ewa: Ring Ring with ABBA 1973. It was a scandal that it didn’t win.

Looking forward, what comes next for you both after Melodifestivalen? Any upcoming plans, performances, or music we should be on the lookout for?

We both will play Fawlty Towers at “Malmö Nöjesteater” in March and then of course win the Eurovision in Liverpool in May!

Well our readers better start booking their tickets now! In closing, do you have a final message you’d like to share with the readers of ESCUnited?

Eva. Let there be peace in the world!

Ewa: See us, hear us, vote for us!

Eva and Ewa are set to compete during the 1st heat of Melodifestivalen on February 4th at 20:00 CET. The top two songs out of seven will go directly to the final, with the 3rd and 4th ranked songs advancing to the semi-final round for a second chance. The winner of Melodifestivalen will win the right to represent Sweden at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

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