The second round of rehearsals has started with Azerbaijan. Samra sounded very bad on the first tryout. The staging was quite nice, though being a bit dark. She was wearing a gold/beige shirt and pants. There were four backing vocals with her. Choreography got a bit better. The reaction is press center was just silent. In the last tryout there was a lot of pyro effects and the background animations got a few slight changes

Montenegro was up next. The stage and the arena was in a even darker note. Boys sounded very good. There was also a girl dancer dressed in red who also serves as a backing vocal. They were all in simple shirts so I doubt that it is their styling for the main performance. The animations on the screens are red and silver, like blurred screens. On the last tryout there were smoke shots.

I would say that Greta had the same dress as in national final. The animations had some changes, but yet it was 90% same. On the moments there is so much white light, and yet on the other hand there is plenty of dark moments. The second tryout was way better as Greta had her positions fixed to work with the animation.

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