And the last round of today rehearsal has started with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Vocally they were all very, very good. Deen and Dalal are separated with a fence on stage. They both have black clothes as well Jala. Ana Rucner at first has a silver reflectioning cape and for the second chords she takes it off. Again overall impression of the performance is a bit darker. There are also two backing vocals at the back of the stage.


Ira Losco’s performance started with the projections on screens and another one of the dancer’s back. She came out on stage in big dress that also served as a projection sheet till the dancer ripped it off of her. Everything was ok with her vocal, no remarks. Regarding the screen animations, it was most in golden stripes.

Frans had his first rehearsal today also. On the first try out his special screen didn’t work perfectly. Basically it is the same performance as at Melodifestivalen. I don’t know if his outfit is the one that he will wear on stage for the final, but this was just a simple shirt, trousers and jacket. He also went down the catwalk.


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