Portugal held the second semi-final of Festival da Cançao this evening, as the Iberian nation continued its search for another hidden gem for their contest in Lisbon.

With another 13 acts taking to the stage it was through another combination of televoting and jury voting that we have our finalists for next week!

Tonight’s thirteen performances were;

  1. Maria Inês Paris – Bandeira azul
  2. Dora Fidalgo – Arco-íris
  3. Sequin – All Over Again
  4. Diogo Piçarra – Cançao por mim
  5. David Pessoa – Amor veloz
  6. Tamin – Sobre nós
  7. Cláudia Pascoal – O jardim
  8. Minnie & Rhayra – Patati patata
  9. Rita Ruivo – Anda daí
  10. Susana Travassos – A mensageira
  11. Lili – O vôo das cegonhas
  12. Daniela Onis – Para lá do rio
  13. Peter Serrado – Sunset

After combining the jury scores with the results of the public, the songs in bold had qualified. As a result, we have our 14 finalists in Portugal;

  • Anabela – Para te dar abrigo
  • Catarina Miranda – Para sorrir nāo preciso de nada
  • Cláudia Pascoal – O jardim
  • David Pessoa – Amor veloz
  • Diogo Piçarra – Cançao por mim
  • Janeiro – (sem título)
  • Joana Barra Vaz – Anda estragar me os planos
  • Joana Espadinha – Zero a zero
  • Lili – O vôo das cegonhas
  • Maria Inês Paris – Bandeira azul
  • Minnie & Rhayra – Patati patata
  • Peter Serrado – Sunset
  • Peu Madureira – Só por ela
  • Rui David – Sem medo

Portugal will be the last country to select it’s entry that is already qualified for the grand final, after all of the Big 5 selected their entries. Tune in to Festival da Cançao next weekend to see how Portugal will defend their exceptional Eurovision crown!

What do #YOU think of the Portuguese finalists? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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