Polish broadcaster went back to the national final this year. Edyta and Margaret were the hot favorites along with Michal Szpak, who slayed both of them with his emotional ballad Color of your life. Also, on three official videos for his song, Michal has almost 8 million views, pretty impressive you must admit. And as you know there are a lot of pre Eurovision gigs and he will perform on three of them: Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam, London Party and Pre-party in Riga.

Hey, hey Michal. First I have to ask how it was for you when you were declared as winner of Eliminacije, the Polish national selection?

Hey guys! When I have known that I am the winner, I was very surprised, confused and I didn’t know what to say. And I couldn’t believe it. 🙂

In the last couple years Eurovision has really grown. Do you know what are you getting into?

Yes, I saw that and I’m really happy for that. I see that the level is very high, so that’s why I’m very happy that I will participate in this year’s competition.

Your style is quite extravagant. Do you think it will be helpful in Stockholm?

I don’t know, that’s just me. 🙂 But in Eurovision, I would like to focus on my performance and voice.


Have you and your team started to draft some ideas about your performance for Eurovision?

It is my sweet secret. 🙂

Have you heard any of the other competing songs from this years contest?

Each song represents high level, so that’s why I know that we all have equal chances.

And for the end, can you please tell us and our readers one detail about you that is not commonly known?

I’m a person who really likes high adrenaline. I like wild trips, spontaneous decisions and dangerous challenges.

Michal, thank you so much! See you in Stockholm! 

Thank you guys for contacting me. See ya! 🙂

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