In the run-up to the 2013 Andra chancen show this Saturday, ESC United looked at Second chance entries since the introduction in 2002.

In terms of the history of Andra Chansen, it was introduced as “Winners Choice” (Vinnarnas Val) when Melodifestivalen was modernised in 2002. It then became “Viewers Choice” (Tittarnas Val) in 2003 and settled as Andra Chansen (Second Chance) in 2004.

No song has ever won Melodifestivalen from Andra Chansen, though some of the most popular songs in terms of airplay and ongoing familiarity have been through Andra Chansen. They have the disadvantage of never having been quite popular enough in the early rounds, but the advantage of additional airtime and buzz. Typically they end between the middle and the bottom of the rankings in the final.

The ESC United staff feel it is quite possible for a song to win through the Andra Chansen route, but only if it’s a close third in a Semi Final, and the record label and artist really rack up the promotion. Which doesn’t seem very Swedish… However, The Moniker in 2011 came third, because of such buzz.

Here is a list of the songs and the positions achieved in the final. We also looked if any of them have been covered in South Africa.

Varlden utanfor – Barbados came 4th
Sista andetaget – Jan Johansen came 7th
(Guillaume Willemse covered this in Afrikaans as Vir ewig en altyd.)

Not a sinner, nor a saint – Alcazar came 3rd
(Tiaan Grundlingh covered the song, but he also sang it in English.)
T.K.O (knock you out) – Bubbles came 9th

Min karlek – Shirley Clamp came 2nd
(Sunette Bridges covered this in English as Shallow.)
Ole ole – Andres Esteche came 9th

Alcazar – Alcazar came 3rd
Alla flickor – Linda Bengtzing came 9th

The name of love – Magnus Backlund came 5th
(Guillaume Willemse covered the song as Shout in the name of love, but it is also sung in English.)
Mama take me home – Rednex came 6th

Fir arr du finns – Sonja Alden came 6th
Vagar du, vagar jag – Sanna Nielsen came 7th

I lagornas sken – Nordman came 6th
That is where I’ll go – Sibel came 7th

Snalla snalla – Carolina af Ugglas came 2nd
Moving on – Sarah Dawn Finer came 6th
(Kobus Muller covered this song in Afrikaans as Ek se jou naam.)

I did it for love – Jessica Andersson came 8th
Jag vill om du vagar – Pernilla Wahlgren came 10th

Oh my God – The Moniker came 3rd
(Several SA artists want to cover this but it has not as yet done.)
Spring for livet – Sara Varga came 9th

Baby doll – Top cats came 6th
Jag reser mig igen – Thorsten Flinck came 8th


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  2. Roy van der Merwe

    February 26, 2013 at 19:14

    Sunette’s English cover of Shirley’s song is really great – I love the lyrics.

  3. Roy van der Merwe

    February 26, 2013 at 19:13

    A team effort with Zack and Tom all contributing – this is what “unites” us at ESCUnited – we all help where we can. Each person has certain knowlege inhis field and it combines to give us a better perspective on tghe subject.

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