Well, well, well, who would see it coming. Scandals are just piling up in Scandinavia. Danish songs leaked again and Anja was accused for plagiarism, but in the end DR let her participate, Freddy had to change his song for Norwegian MGP and now Anna Book’s song Himmel för två, has been disqualified from Melodifestavlen as it has participated in Moldovan selection two years ago.

Yes, you read it correctly, two years ago in Moldova.

This news was confirmed on a special press conference held by SVT this evening.

For sure this is gonna be one hell of a Eurovision season. And even Ukrainian national selection hasn’t started yet.

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  1. […] The first show of this year’s Melodifestivalen in over. In one hour of the show we enjoyed six competiting songs, also as the interval act Anna Book performed her song “Heaven for two” due to her disqualification read more here. […]

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