It’s one of the national finals that returned to us this year, since last being used back in 2018. Since then, Malta has opted to select their song internally, while the singer was selected through X Factor Malta, but those days are over.

MESC 2022

Just before the new year, it was announced that 22 songs were picked to fight for the Maltese ticket to Turin, but only 17 of those participated tonight, after 5 of them were eliminated during the semi-final. It has to be pointed out however, it was originally 16 acts that qualified for the final, but a last and 17th finalist was added, just hours before the final would take place.

Anyhow, these were the 17 names fighting for representing Malta: (In order of performance)

  1. Baklava feat. Nicole – “Electric Indigo”
  2. Norbert – “How Special You Are”
  3. Matt Blxck – “Come Around”
  4. Giada – “Revelación”
  5. Jessika – “Kaleidoscope”
  6. Raquel – “Over You”
  7. Nicole Hammett – “A Lover’s Heart”
  8. Miriana Conte – “Look What You’ve Done Now”
  9. Nicole Azzopardi – “Into The Fire”
  10. Sarah Bonnici – “Heaven”
  11. Enya Magri – “Shame”
  12. Denise – “Boy”
  13. Emma Muscat – “Out Of Sight”
  14. Janice Mangion – “Army”
  15. Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Serenity”
  16. Aidan – “Ritmu”
  17. Richard Edwards – “Hey Little”

The wildcard winner was Jessika Muscat who was the last act added to the line-up.


The final result was decided by a combined jury and a televote, and seeing as the results came in, there was no doubt for either juries nor the televote. Juries were first to reveal the results, where all 6 members had no doubt who deserved the win.

The overall results did become a two horse race, since Aidan scored all the six 10 points from the jury, ending on 60 points, while Emma Muscat scored all six 12 points from the juries, putting her ahead with 12 points and a total of 72 points. The gap to the remaining acts remained quite large, and even the televote would contribute to this as well.

All the remaining acts could barely score any high marks, and Aidan & Emma Muscat remained ahead of the competition all the way until the end. Unfortunately for Aidan, despite the high score from the televote, the 12 points he got was only enough to land him next to Emma Muscat on 72 points, while she still had to receive her points. In the end Emma Muscat also claimed the top mark from the televote, which gave her 20 additional points, and landed her as the winner with 92 points in total. (Full overview below)

Emma Muscat will now represent the small island of Malta at the contest in Turin, with her song “Out of Sight“. She will perform her song in the first half of the second semi-final, which will take place on May 12th 2022.

Are #YOU happy with Malta’s decision, and do #YOU think it was a good thing for Malta to return back to a national final format. Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum HERE or on our social media platforms.

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