Oslo, 19 February 2022

It’s been decided! Norway have finally picked their entrant for Eurovision! Lupine sensation Subwoolfer, the favourites before the finale aired managed to fulfill the expecations and won MGP. However, the competition bared its teeth along the way.

For the past few weeks, Norway have been whittling down their coterie of hopefuls via pointless and long-winded duels. Frode Vassel, Farida, Oda Gondrosen and Sofie Fellvjang emerged victorious during this heat, with Maria Mohn winning a special Last Chance show to earn her place.

However, these five had to contend with five acts that NRK automatically qualified for the finale: A1 member Christian Ingebrigtsen, sassy sensation Anna-Lisa Kumoji, indie princess Elsie Bay, artic boyband NorthKid and something or someone called “Subwoolfer“. The latter proved to be a conundrum, as the two men (I assume?) behind the strange yellow masks desperately kept their identity a secret from everyone.

These were the ten acts that competed in tonight’s final, and they did so in this order:

  1. Oda Gondrosen“Hammer of Thor”
  2. NorthKid“Someone”
  3. Anna-Lisa Kumoji “Queen bees”
  4. Farida “Dangerous”
  5. Sofie Fellvjang“Made of glass”
  6. Frode Vassel“Black flowers”
  7. Christian Ingebrigtsen “Wonder of the World”
  8. Maria Mohn“Fly”
  9. Subwoolfer“Give that wolf a banana”
  10. Elsie Bay“Death of us” 

Voting opened during the liveshow and fans and Norwegians alike could cast their votes for every competing entry.

This year saw a slight change in the rules when the usual Silver Final was skipped entirely. Previously, the top four would be announced and the votes would reset, afterwhich two acts would be eliminated.

This year however, the Silver Final was skipped entirely. Subwoolfer, NorthKid, Sofie and Elsie were announced as the top four in the televote and then the hosts IMMEDIATELY eliminated Sofie and Elsie, as they failed to make the top two. NorthKid and Subwoolfer competed in a head to head duel that would leave only one winner.

You can listen to the two Gold Finalists here:



After the reprises and a performance by TiX (who sang “Fallen angel” in Norwegian- and no, not “Ut av mørket” ) the votes from the main five regions were revealed one by one. This vote turned out to be a nailbiter, when NorthKid overwhelmingly won the Northern Vote (hardly a surprise, since the band hails from Hasvik, which is one of the northernmost settlements in Norway), but Subwoolfer smashed the Western and Eastern tallies, winning with a 40K vote difference.

It was therefore decided that SUBWOOLFER will head to Turin with their song “Give that wolf a banana“. We don’t know who’s officially behind the mask (although Ben Adams and Gaute Ormåsen are heavily rumoured)  and we’ll see how long they get to keep up the charade. Norway have chosen for a novelty dance track and that will lead to some interesting results in the future.

Do #YOU like Subwoolfer? Do #YOU think they have what it takes to do well in Eurovision? Let us know in the comments, on social media or on our forum HERE. Alternatively, join the discussion on our Discord HERE

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