This weekend, we were able to grab Spanish singer Levi Díaz before the team left for JESC in Paris, and asked him about his JESC experience, his plans for Paris, and what might come next. He also recorded a short video for the site and for his fans, which you can watch below!

Hello Levi! How are you doing today?

Hello, I’m very good! Today has been a very long day full of interviews and a press conference.

Wonderful! Now I dig some digging on you, and I know that you are no stranger to singing competitions given that you participated in La Voz de Cornella in 2019 and won La Voz Kids back in July. Do you feel like this experience is going to help you during Junior Eurovision?

Totally, these experiences have helped me a lot and they will be useful for JESC, thanks to these experiences they have helped me gain more security on stages.

I also know that you won an award on La Voz de Cornella for being the most charismatic contestant, and people refer to you as “the forever smiling kid”. Where does this sense of joy and happiness come?

Well, this joy comes by itself, apart from that, I smile a lot when I’m nervous as it helps me hide negative feelings and smiling helps me feel better about myself.

Your song “Reir” spreads a similar message of positivity in it’s lyrics. How did you and the team decide on this message for your JESC song and how involved were you in the writing process?

I was involved in the style of the song that I wanted to sing in Paris. The lyrics are written by David Roma, and it was a very good choice because ‘Reir’ represents me a lot.

Now I know that JESC rehearsals are coming up soon, and the stage concept for Paris is likely a big secret. Is there any information you can give about what we might see on stage?

I only would say that it’s gonna be a BIG party!

We of course know that you are young, and are balancing the beginning of your music career, schooling, and Junior Eurovision preparations all at the same time. What has this experience been like for you?

Well I think that this experience it’s gonna help me for the rest of my musical career, supporting me more safely and meeting new people. I am open to everything.

As a participant in JESC, I’m certain that you’ve had time to listen to the other songs competing in Paris this year, who are some of your personal favorites?

They’re all my favorites. All the songs have a different styles, I don’t know what’s my favorite.

Once Junior Eurovision ends, what can we expect to see from your next? Are there any performances, albums, etc. planned for the new year we should know about?

I would study a lot for make an exchange student in America. My dream is to go to America.

Alright Levi one final question – what message do you want to send to your fans across the world?

That I love them and thank you for their support. Love you guys. <3

Levi will perform in Paris on December 19th with his song “Reir”. Make sure to follow along with his journey on Instagram and check out his music on Spotify!

Will  #YOU be smiling along with Levi in Paris? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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