Unfortunately, today we saw the news of Amaya’s withdrawal.
Being the hot favorite according fans, now it will be interesting to see who will get their support.

Tim Kores, participated at EMA two years ago, but if you didn’t know, he and Maja were a couple, so it would have been amazing seeing them both fighting for the ticket to Kyiv.

Since we sent questions to Kori before Maja withdrew, please don’t keep a grudge against us for some of his answers. 🙂

Hey Kori. After two years, you’re back in EMA. What did motivate you to apply again?

– I just wished that I had enough time to apply again. As my song was written by people who work with Kelly Clarkson and produced by a man who was nominated for Grammy and also worked with Michael Jackson, I immediately decided to try again. Song is just great and I hope that people will feel it’s message and eneregy when I get up on the stage and perform it.

You and Maja Keuc were a couple and now you both will participate at EMA. Did you have time to talk about this?

– We did not. We had a little conflict when I made a joke about myself, when I also mentioned her. It will be really interesting to see both us performing on the same stage. Otherwise, I don’t have any grudges. 🙂

Can you tell us something more about your song? 

– The song is like an energetic bomb! Immediately when I’ve listened it I
have identified myself with it. The story is described through metaphors, how I want someone by me and I will give all of me to
have that person closer. I go for all or nothing. 🙂

This EMA will feature a lot of popular performers. Who do you consider your biggest

– Maja Keuc 😀

Your favorite Eurovision song?

– Out of Slovenian ones, definitely Samo ljubezen by Sestre. I just love it because it is really special and supports diversity.
Out of the ones who won I like Heroes and Hard Rock Hallelujah.

And would you be so kind to tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that isn’t commonly known. 🙂

– Star Wars is my favorite movie. Also, I like to eat and cook, so if I win, you’re coming for dinner. I’m cooking sago. 🙂

Hehehehe. Ok Kori, I hope you’ll keep that promise! 🙂 Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you all the best at EMA! 

-It was my pleasure! Keep up the good work guys! 😉

Check out Kori’s cover of Frans’ I’m not sorry. 

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