We here at ESCUnited excited that Pabandom iš naujo! is set to begin again this coming weekend, which also means we have a number of artist interviews to share with you!

First up is the band Justin 3, a band who has performed in the national selection a total of four times now. Their first appearance came in 2017 with their song “Streets of Vilnus”, where they failed to qualify for the next round. There most recent attempt in 2022 featured a similar fate, with them just missing out on the semi-finals by 2 placements – their best result yet. Perhaps this year is their time!

Hello there Justin 3 and welcome to ESCUnited.com! We’re excited for the chance to interview you and help our readers get to know you a bit better. Why don’t you give us a quick introduction?

We are Justin 3, a band from Lithuania, performing both in Lithuania and worldwide. We are more like a musical movement rather than a band. We like to experiment with our sound and jump between genres. Also we are all friends and have been friends for years. 

Let’s help our readers get to know you a bit more! How would you describe your musical style and influences to our readers?  

From Bryan Adams, Kiss, Bon Jovi to Maroon 5, Coldplay. Our musical style would probably be Guitar Pop. 

If you were able to book a one-night only concert in any venue and city of your choice, where would you choose to perform and why? 

That would definitely be Red Rocks Amphitheatre. I have never seen it in my life but the place looks just magical.

If I’ve counted correctly, this will be your fourth appearance in the Lithuanian National final as a band. Do you feel like you’ve changed as artists since you first participated back in 2017?

A lot. I have been to Eurovision with various projects. The biggest change was probably in mindset, I have stopped chasing approval. I have a message which I want to spread and that is my main goal. Having in mind that these times are truly depressing and people are feeling down. Suicidal rates increase. My main message is that life is a magical, wonderful journey. There are a lot of bad people but there are also good people who are willing to help, even strangers, there are a lot of good and wonderful people. Even the darkest night will pass. Whatever you are going through now, if you lose your will, just talk to people, there are people who want to help.

Our readers who watched the Lithuanian national selection will remember that the first heats were pre-recorded and didn’t have a live audience in the studio. What was that experience like?

I actually liked that, it was very productive 🙂 this year live audience is back so a little extra pressure, but overall it’s nice it feels more like a concert rather than a tv show

And just recently you’ve been competing with entries that feature additional artists, this time with Dj AugustYno who you worked with on another song “Supergirl”. How did you two first meet and start working together on music?

This is a very interesting story. My wife used to participate in Christian youth camp and they were friends. After I met my wife I was looking for a DJ for my event team. And she said that she knows one person who might be interested. So we started working together and one thing led to another and now we perform together and work on multiple projects and one of them happened to be a Eurovision song contest.

As a songwriter you tend to co-write your entries for the Lithuanian preselection. What was the songwriting process like for your entry “Not Giving Up”? Was it written specifically for Pabandom is Naujo or did you have it ready to go before submissions opened?

I actually thought that I wouldn’t be a part of Eurovision this year. But we were recording music and somehow wrote “Not Giving Up” a song which has this message I was talking about and decided why not. Eurovision song contest is one of the best opportunities to speak this out, so we thought that we must try our chances 🙂

Of course as you know – the winner of Pabandom is Naujo will receive the right to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest this May. What is your first memory of Eurovision and what is your all-time favorite Eurovision song?

Eurovision is one of those events you wait for. The first memory was probably when Brainstorm participated with a sing My Star. All time favorite artist is definitely Mans Zelmerlow. But the song is probably Euphoria by Loreen.

All good picks! Now for our readers who want to follow and support you before and after the national final, where can they find you? Any plans or upcoming projects you’d like to promote while we have you?

Spotify/iTunes 🙂 facebook.com/justin3o

We are going to visit Poland in June and of course if anyone would like to invite us to their country, we are more than happy to visit various parts of the world 🙂

In closing, do you have a final message you’d like to share with the readers of ESCUnited?

I would just like to encourage people not to give up. No matter what happens in life. We will all end up at the same place anyway, so before that lets just try everything we can to make a good life for ourselves and most important for others! I think that true happiness is in making others happy. There is so much joy to be spread and so much love to be given.

Justin 3 is set to compete in one of the two heats of Pabandom is Naujo 2023 set for January 21st and 28th at 20:00 CET. The winner of Pabandom is Naujo will earn the right to represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool this coming May.

Are #YOU team Justin 3 this year? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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