Yesterday saw the end of the submission period in Moldova, and today saw both the start – and the end, of the file examination stage of the national selection. Stage 2 will feature the infamous live auditions, before we head into stage 3, which will be the national final, for now, let’s go into detail about it all.

Selectia Nationala 2023

After two years where the pandemic made it impossible for the country to stage a national selection, Moldova’s national broadcaster (TRM) has now finally gone back to the good old system that hardcore fans are much more familiar with.

The song submission period finally ended on the 16th of January, and it was announced that the broadcaster had received more than 60 submission, of which only 33 will take part in the live auditions. It might sound like a brutal cut, to ditch near enough half of the submissions, but it can be speculated, that most of these submissions didn’t follow certain rules, such as only people with Moldovan citizenship can participate or the act must contain at least 50% or higher, who has Moldovan citizenship as well.

Anyhow, January 17th marked the start of the file examination, but also the ending, and the broadcaster has approved the following 33 songs, to take part in the live auditions, which will take place on the 28th of January 2023: (Random order)

  1. Formația Vele – „Jocul neamului moldovenesc”
  2. Corina Ivanov – „When Love’s Real”
  3. NÖRDIKA – „Skueeze Paradise”
  4. Nihilist & Lisa Nicky – „Final Destination”
  5. NÖRDIKA – „Damn and down”
  6. Victor Gulick – „Let’s Dance”
  7. Donia – „Red Zone”
  8. Surorile Osoianu – „Bade, bădișor, bădiță”
  9. OL – „Why You Play It Cool”
  10. Adelina Iordachi – „Deja Vu”
  11. Nikko T. – „Destiny”
  12. Y-Limit – „Live in Harmony”
  13. Crista – „Pădure verde pădure”
  14. Sunstroke Project – „Yummy Mommy”
  15. NR 11 – „Adio”
  16. VERA – „Vremea ta”
  17. Massimo Sinceri – „In Questo Domani”
  18. Sasha Bognibov – „My Favourite Schoolgirl”
  19. Rise – „Don’t trumble”
  20. Lisa Volk – „Scrisoare către țară”
  21. ADA DEEA – „Mystic Rose”
  22. COSMINA – „Indestructible”
  23. Angel Kiss – „Now I Know”
  24. Gesica Sîrbu – „I’m in love”
  25. Aliona Moon – „Du-mă”
  26. Tania Pitușcan – „Miorița”
  27. Pasha Parfeni – „Soarele și luna”
  28. Ricky Ardezianu – „Una rosa rossa”
  29. Harmony Scuffle – „Favourite One”
  30. Valeria Condrea – „We’re now different”
  31. LOLA – „Temperatura”
  32. Diana Elmas – „Miracle”
  33. Nino – „It would be nice”

It might be noted that NÖRDIKA is the only act that will have two songs competing, while far more familiar names include Sunstroke Project (2010 & 2017), Pasha Parfeni (2012) and Aliona Moon (2013), who all have represented the landlocked country in the past.

All songs are already live, and can be heard on the official site right now, and the live auditions will once again take place on the 28th of January starting at 14:00 Moldovan time (13:00 CET), which will be live broadcasted on Moldova 2, as well as online for international viewers. A panel of at least 3, or at most 5 jury members will give each audition a score, and the 10 songs that ranks the highest, will qualify to the live national final. The results of the auditions are also expected to be revealed on the same date.

Have #YOU heard the 33 songs yet, and if so, who do #YOU think could possibly represent Moldova in Liverpool?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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