The grand Italian festival Sanremo took place this past week, and what a glorious week it has been of new Italian music, but what we care most about is, who is going to Eurovision, so let’s have a look at this past week’s festival!


Often seen as the mother of the Eurovision Song Contest, since our beloved contest was created from the idea of the Sanremo festival, this grandiose festival took place this time for the 69th time in it’s history.

Just like the Eurovision Song Contest, Sanremo has also developed a lot through the decades, but also kept things in the traditional way (thinking about the orchestra).

This edition had 24 different songs in store for us which were performed in different version throughout the week. Original versions, as well as duets among the big competing artists with supporting artists.

The schedule was as follows:

  • Day 1: We had all the original songs performed for the first time.
  • Day 2: We had the first 12 songs performed once again.
  • Day 3: We had the remaining 12 songs performed once again.
  • Day 4: In collaboration with other artists, duets were performed of each song.
  • Day 5: All the songs were performed for the last time and the winner(s) were announced.

Sanremo 2019!

Now let’s have a look on the list of artists, that took part in this years edition of Sanremo (order of performance for Day 5).

  1. Daniele Silvestri – “Argentovivo”
  2. Anna Tatangelo – “Le Nostre Anime Di Notta”
  3. Ghermon – “Rose Viola”
  4. Negrita – “I Ragazzi Stanno Bene”
  5. Ultimo – “I Tuoi Particolari”
  6. Nek – -“Mi Faró Trovare Pronto”
  7. Loredana Berté – “Cosa Ti Aspetti Da Me”
  8. Francesco Ranga – “Aspetto Che Torni”
  9. Mahmood – “Soldi”
  10. Ex-Otago – “Sola Una Canzone”
  11. Il Volo – “Musica Che Resta”
  12. Paola Turci – “L’ultimo Ostacolo”
  13. The Zen Circus – “L’amore È Una Dittatura”
  14. Patty Pravo ft. Briga – “Un Po’ Come La Vita”
  15. Arisa – “Mi Sento Bene”
  16. Irama – “La Ragazza Col Cuore Di Latta”
  17. Achille Lauro – “Rolls Royce”
  18. Nino D’Angelo & Livio Cori – “Un’altra Luce”
  19. Federica Carta & Shade – “Senza Farlo Apposta”
  20. Simone Cristicchi – “Abbi Cura Di Me”
  21. Enrico Nigiotti – “Nonno Hollywood”
  22. Boomdabash – “Per Un Milione”
  23. Einar – “Parole Nuove”
  24. Motta – “Dov’e L’Italia”

Among the long list of names, we curiously find Il Volo, who tried to repeat their success from 2015.

Throughout the week, different scores were revealed from each night. The scores are divided differently for Sanremo. For Day 1, 2 & 3, the scores was divided in 3 sections, with the public having 40%, Demoscopic jury having 30% and the Press jury having 30% as well.

For the first night, the Demoscopic jury scores were revealed, while for the second and third night, the Press jury scores were revealed.


Despite all this, the score system was changed for the 4th & 5th Day. The Demoscopic jury was replaced by a Expert Jury which only instead had 20% of the outcome, while the lost 10% were instead given to the Public, having 50% of the outcome, then finally the Press Jury kept their 30%.

Close towards the end of the show, after the voting had ended, all artists were ranked where they finished on the overall scoreboard, starting from the bottom and all the way up to fourth place. The top 3 would instead progress to the super-final were a new voting would determinate the final winner.

The acts who finished in top 3 were (random order):

  • Ultimo – “I Tuoi Particolari”
  • Il Volo – “Musica Che Resta”
  • Mahmood – “Soldi”

After a short super-final voting, it was revealed toward the end, that the winner of the Sanremo 2019 festival was… Mahmood!

Mahmood gained access to the Sanremo festival by winning Sanremo Giovani back in December 2018. The Giovani (known as the newcomers) section was, unlike previous years, not part of the Sanremo festival this year.

Results finished as follow:

  1. Mahmood – “Soldi” – 38,9% in total (Televote score: 14,1%)
  2. Ultimo – “I Tuoi Particolari” – 35,6% in total (Televote score: 46,4%)
  3. Il Volo – “Musica Che Resta” – 25,5 in total (Televote score: 39,4%)

You can listen to his Sanremo winning entry here:

What do #YOU think about the Sanremo winning song? Share your thoughts on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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