Today we’ve talked with Lina Kuduzović, who will represent Slovenia in less than three weeks in Sofia at Junior Eurovision.

Hello Lina, can you please tell us how was it participating at mini Ema. Can you compare it to Diegrössten Schweizer Talente.

– Participating at mini Ema was different then Diegrössten Schweizer Talente because I at mini Ema I was singing my own song. I could express all of my feelings in it. Diegrössten Schweizer Talente was great also, but I couldn’t pick songs for semifinal and final on my own so didn’t have opportunity to show all I know.

Can you tell us something about your song? How was it to work with Raay and Marjetka?

– I know Raay and Marjetka for five years, she was my vocal coach and he did my first CD. When I decided to participate at mini Emi it was easy to work with Maaraya as we knew each other before.

I wrote the song with a bit of help of my mom. Marjetka and Raay also helped with some details so the songs sounds perfect when I sing it. When I work with them, I feel so good, so full of positive energy. Raay is really the best producer for me, he gets the work done fast, I like that he’s spontanous also.

So I have to say that my song was made in just two days.

What do you expect to gain from Junior Eurovision?

– I expect, hehehe, I expect to meet a lot of new people, to hang out, to make new friendships.

Have you heard other participating songs? What’s your favorite?

– I’ve heard them all. Every song is nice in her own way so I couldn’t decide which one is the best.

How are you preparing for your performance? Can you tell us something about it?

– I am not speding so much time for it. I’ll be alone on stage. We will define all the details when we get to Sofia, when we see how it looks live and on camera.

What will be if you win, and what if you end up last?

– If I win it’s gonna be awesome, and if I come last, well someone has to be last, so it was prescribed by fate.

How would you call kids and people from Europe to vote for you and your song?

– If you like my song and if you’ve found yourself in it, because some of you have found your first love, and some of you will, vote for me and I will be very thankful.

Lina, thank you so much for you time. In the end let’s listen to your song Prva ljubezen. 

It was my pleasure. I hope I’ll see you in Sofia. Bye!

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