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Albania ALBANIA 2022 - Ronela Hajati - Sekret

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September 28, 2009

Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Mbetën vetëm sekret
Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Mbetën vetëm sekret
Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Mbetën vetëm sekret

Ej, ej, ej, ej, ej, ej, ej

Po vjen djali nga malet
Dhe tek unë sot do falet
Nuk e di a do ndalet
Hajde t'i, hajde t'i falim mëkatet
Për këtë vajzën do vije
Dhe krejt botën ta lije
Unë jam diell nuk jam hije
Ti i je i imi, djalë prej Shqipërie

Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Mbetën vetëm sekret
Baby shija jote, shijes sime
Peng i ka mbet
Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Nuk janë më një sekret
Por unë nuk e di, nuk e di
Si kam me u ndi

Nuk e di, si për tjetrën m'ke lon
Edhe sot un po du me ta thon
Edhe një, edhe ty
Nje, dy, tre, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha

Ma ke bo jetën si lojna, avion
Ma ka lon, ma ka lon
Nuk du nji tjetër, se pishmon
Ma ka lon, ma ka lon

Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Mbetën vetëm sekret
Baby shija jote, shijes sime
Peng i ka mbet
Hej, a i kujton ato netë?
Nuk janë më një sekret
Por unë nuk e di, nuk e di
Si kam me u ndi

Nuk e di, si për tjetrën m'ke lon
Edhe sot un po du me ta thon
Edhe një, edhe ty
Një, dy, tre, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha
Ta marrsha, ta marrsha

Ma kadalë, ma kadalë, ej
Ma kadalë, ma kadalë, ej​
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January 21, 2019
Tumblr, mostly.
The grittiness of Alban Ramosaj - Theje immediately brings to mind Freddy from Hungary a few years back. Of course, the songs are very different in a number of ways, but it has a similar pop/soft-rock sound (heavier on the pop) which is equally as vocally demanding. However, Alban's song is a bit more accessible to the average listener than Freddy's song, and Alban's has a bit more impact, especially immediately.

Pioneer was immensely stupid though, on pretty much every level. Why is it staged like that? What do the lyrics even mean? Why does Freddy growl his words beyond comprehension despite having pretty crisp English? Why is he dressed in a burlap sack? It made less sense than "Apollo". "Theje" lacks the sheer stupidity at least.

Alban's biggest obstacle are the highly demanding vocals. If he had the panache of a Eugent I would have more confidence in his chances to win FiK and do well in ESC. (though I have no doubts that if Alban is good enough to win FiK, he will be good enough to qualify for the Finale in Turin). We'll have to see. The comparison to Freddy is a poignant one and something to keep in mind. Alban might perhaps not be as secure a winner as we think.

The other entry that I think has loads of potential is actually Kejsi's song. It has the makings of a good pop hit, with the right adjustments, provided she has good on-stage presence. But I think she's cursed by the fact that this is FiK and not Kënga Magjike. She would fare better in the latter.

Barring Alban, the only one I can see threaten him is Ester who isn't nearly as good, but adequate I suppose.

As long as Denis loses, we're good. Here's what I wrote down in my review notes:

I will try to describe this song as best I can so you don't have to subject yourself to its objective badness. Imagine Jacques Houdek tossed Axel Hirsoux's "Mother" into a blender, and then scooped up schmaltz scum that floated on top of the concoction and drained the rest, THEN added obnoxious chrismas carrol music to the whole ordeal. It was the fastest "nope" I've ever thought since I started following FiK.

Talk about a yikes.
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April 19, 2012
Ester Zahiri has a cracking song here.So much potential for the instrumentation to come through,she needs the orchestra at full belt.She needs the backing singers layering behind her a bit more in places to lift things as well,but for me this is easily the song with the most potential.The final bridge before the refrain/chorus is cheap though and needs to be more sweeping rather than drums.Can she handle things live?,
A thua do t'ishim sot fitimtarë?

Ronela has took a huge risk with her song,but isnt out of things.Sounds a bit disjointed, but its designed for the stage more than anything.Its going to be hard to deliver this live,but again big potential if they can pull it off because its got a powerful melody.Its a big if though because the song will expose any failings.


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March 9, 2015
Spinning by the restless sea with Monika Liu

Në ëndërr mbete ti performed by Gjergj Kaçinari
Sekret performed by Ronela Hajati
E jemja nuse performed by Rezarta Smaja
Me duaj performed by Evi Reci
Padrejtësi performed by Urban Band
Një performed by Shega
Për dreq performed by Mirud
Hiena performed by Ester Zahiri
Vallëzoj me ty performed by Kejsi Rustja
Dua performed by Olimpia Smajlaj
Kujë performed by Kastro Zizo

Pse nuk flet, mama? performed by Denis Skura
Nën maskë performed by Sajmir Çili
Refuzoj performed by Eldis Arrnjeti
Deluzional performed by Janex
Eja si erë performed by Viola Xhemali

Baladë performed by Xhuli Pjetraj
Theje performed by Alban Ramosaj
Triumfi i jetës performed by Endri and Stefi
Meteor performed by Kelly



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February 1, 2014
Overall it's a good line-up. A lot of songs that are nice to listen to, very few that I would quickly skip. And the stereotypical high-note-acrobat whom we've seen so many times in the past years seems to have become out of fashion...
After the first listen, I'd favor

Alban Ramosaj
Eldis Arrnejti
Ester Zahiri
Evi Reci
Kejsi Rusta
Mirud (though this not as good as I would have hoped for)

As for Ronela who gets a lot of love from many fans - too messy for me. I got the impression too many people threw their ideas in without thinking if they fit together. Maybe the staging will convince me but for now, this is nothing I'd choose to listen to.


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January 12, 2014
YALL ARE SLEEPING ON REZARTA!!! This song made me smile uncontrollably. It builds at the perfect pace to never let you lose interest.
But Alban is amazing too and it's pretty obvious that he'll be the one to beat this year. I just really hope that they keep his song in Albanian when he inevitably wins lmao

Also just leaving this here because the lyrics of this song made me think of our queen Era Rusi


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March 7, 2010
1. Ronela djalë prej Shqipërie
2. Alban të dua se të du
3. Mirud K'të natë s'harroj
4. Ester E ruaj mes kujtimesh


December 23, 2018

How do you like your Avatar's entry this time? :lol:
Mirud`s song is incredibly strong? The chorus might not be that competitive but I love the direction of this song. It`s neither a typical Albanian ballad nor something we have often heard in Eurovision. The arrangement/production is really great and quite diverse.
I have listened to that entry for a few times since yesterday and I genuinely think it is a great one but less "instant" or "competitive" - I still think his voice is very distinctive and amazing and I love the diverse and rich arrangement.

My favourites are Adnan and Ronela, though. - But I don´t want to change my avatar again and maybe choose Adnan this time.. otherwise other forum members will think that I have a "certian type" haha - and Mirud is still my #3 out of all participants ;)


September 15, 2019
Ronela's song is ABSOLUTEY AMAZING and has to win at all costs, if it doesn't we riot.

Imo this is a great edition of FIK I like more than half of the song, there's really only a few bad ones.

Here is my top 10:
1.Ronela Hajati '''Secret''
2.Eva Reci ''Me duaj''
3.Shega ''Nje''(this one is really underrated, I LOVE the vibe of the song)
4.Alban Ramosaj ''Theje''(a little overrated imo)
5.Mirud ''Për dreq''
6.Olimpia Smajlaj ''Dua''
7.Urban Band "Padrejtësi"
8.Viola Xhemali "Eja si erë"
9.Rezarta Smaja "E jemja nuse"
10.Ester Zahiri "Hiena" and Kejsi Rustja "Vallëzoj me ty" tied
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August 10, 2020
@Mrm "Hiena"s chorus really makes me think of Marjona Metohu - Bosh one, love it !

What do you think of it ?


WorldVision Mod
Staff member
March 1, 2013
UK | Solentoya
*FINALLY* got round to listening and, well, as usual super average to meh for the most part, but still some really strong gems in there. Here is my ranking:

I died and was reborn [10] 🙌 🥺 🔥 🥵

These are great, love them [8-9] 🌟
Alban Ramosaj - Theje 9
Ronela Hajati - Sekret 8
Mirud - Per dreq 8

Average, kinda like them [6-7] 🙂
Gjergj Kacinari - Ne enderr mbete ti 7
Ester Zahiri - Hiena 6
Kejsi Rustja - Vallezoj me ty 6
Endri & Stefi - Triumfi I jetes 6

Eh. Not good, not awful [4-5] 😶
Denis Skura - Pse nuk flet, mama? 5
Evi Reci - Me duaj 5
Xhuji Pjetraj - Balade 5
Rezarta Smaja - E jemja nuse 5
Viola Xhemali - Eja si ere 5
Olimpia Smajlaj - Dua 5
Shega - Nje 4
Eldis Arnjeti - Refuzoj 4
Sajmir Cili - Nen Maske 4
Kelly - Meteor 4

Bad, simple as [3-2] 😒
Janex - Deluzional 3
Urban Band - Padrejtesi 2

Tragic mess [1] 🤢
Kastro Zizo - Kuje 1

Ok, ignoring all the average to mediocre songs imma focus on the top. I didn't give any 10, because nothing had me quite passing out into a coma, although Alban comes close. Hinging on how it looks live, he could easily go up to a 10. His song is great and has all the potential and given the past few Eurovision entries from Albania it screams winner of FiK and i'd be 100% happy with that. Also looking in google images was a real treat and I'm here for it big time. Sue me i'm only human. Sekret I liked a lot also, but I found it kinda disjointed in places and as if something was missing. I expected i'd be full 10ing based on a snippet i heard but the whole thing didn't match up. Mirud was great also, but it's not his best entry to FiK by any means.


July 3, 2019
Finally listening and making a top video for FIK 60 songs...
One line how I would say about this selection
''Oh Boy''
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