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    Pfft A-Levels. If you get the grades you need, theyre the most insignificant things ever and you wonder what all the fuss was about. You'll be fine. And if not, there's always clearing :D xacademic

    Where was I again?

    Oh yes, votes counted :)
    Uuuuuuh, interesting stuff. Thank you for updating me on this, I've completely missed/overlooked the update from M83 on facebook. :O
    Will give you a heads up if I decide to send it/not send it :p
    Hey, Sean, I'd like to send you more questions, but first, you have to empty your inbox :lol:
    "Undercover Martyn" is fine with me.
    Also I think that Cydo Housing Association is the best option for name.
    So I guess it only left to confirm our entry. :)
    Ooh, I thought we were going to have another spinoff next. Now I am happ that we are having Esc 12 next. I will open the confirmation thread today when I get home today, then. Thanks.
    I do not want to waste your PM storage, so I am posting here. I have finally decided my seconds for the recap that you are going to do. I would love you to use 2:04 - 2:24 or 2:05 - 2:25 for the Sereclarish entry. -can't really choose between them, I would love it if you can choose the one you like most- Thank you and good luck with your great hosting.
    Moshpit at a BBC-concert...!? o_O
    You should totally go see him. I'm gonna see him next friday (just waiting for my ticket to arrive) and my expectations are sky-high after having watched live-videos on youtube. Moshpits? I very much think so. :mrgreen:
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