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  1. Sean

    NSC 210 - - Šilček featuring Emsfrynt: SCLAN re-YOUnited - - C0NTR0VERSY~Final Results Pt. 2 @ NOW

    Absolutely made up for ::ora - congratulations!! Always great to see a first time winner and surely Orangualia is one of the nations waiting longest for this sweet moment. It was a fine song for me, not towards my top points but definitely a worthy winner all the same. Congratulations once more...
  2. Sean

    RIYA-SAMPETRINA ♦ Doviđenja. The tribe has spoken

    I always thought a lot of Riya-Sampetrinan entries were underrated so I'm sorry to see you go. All the best with everything! xrose
  3. Sean

    SOLENTOYA || Goody Bye. Au Revoir. Adios. Auf Wiedersehen. Arrivederci & so on.

    I did worry when I saw what your entry was called! Really sorry to see you go but I wish you the best with everything and I'm sure our paths will cross again soon xrose
  4. Sean


    Låpøtré Todd Edwards Shut The Door (salute Remix)
  5. Sean

    Halito's Topic: 200th entry!

    Congratulations on an incredible milestone for an incredible nation xheya xheya xrose
  6. Sean

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2023 - Andrew Lambrou

    We have our second artist
  7. Sean

    Pen Island

    Welcome finally xheart
  8. Sean

    NSC 209 in Tcher-Racoi :: EXOTICA :: tiki story culminates :: GRAND FINAL RESULTS :: 09/10 19:00 CET ::

    Of course I was considering sending both Holiday and Black Mascara this edition...
  9. Sean

    NSC 209 in Tcher-Racoi :: EXOTICA :: tiki story culminates :: GRAND FINAL RESULTS :: 09/10 19:00 CET ::

    Thanks for all of the points so far especially ::eff and ::ari xshock
  10. Sean

    WLSC 246 | The Fanfic | RESULTS Thursday 27/10 @20:30

    Låpøtré The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men (Klaas Remix)
  11. Sean


    Låpøtré has voted... didn't realise my NSC entry was also here xshock
  12. Sean

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    Zombira sometime. Absolutely gorgeous track xheart
  13. Sean


    Welcome to the main roster finally xrose
  14. Sean

    🇹🇷 Bir rüyaysa da solmasın sensiz tek günüm doğmasın

    This was always my choice for this edition up until I heard Black Mascara when I was 50/50, so you just made me stick to my convictions xrose
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