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    strajker, No Name+

    heej lool

    So guess what have I tried out, Rye Bread! Mhm... I like it. :) Now for eating a whole slice, I'm not sure if that's valid, but since what you shall do if it's valid, I guess it's not. :D I failed at eating the whole slide at once. But I managed in twice. Just the little seeds in it are a bit creepy. :D Cya on Mon/Tue.
    You know what I've just realised? "My Life Is A Party" (addictive song btw) is actually "Dragostea Din Tei", so you may send it to Covers spinoff, but not to NSC, unfortunately.
    Welcome, was hoping to see the story from the first two videos carried through but it'll be interesting to see what is chosen :p
    I'm guessing you'll be sending Steve McQueen soon then, based on M83's fb status?
    Aww, Chelsea won, but you cannot say that Drogba's goal wasn't really great. :p
    Are Spurs now oficially out?
    I asked my friend about the genocide thingy you gotta do, and she said she was glad she could help and she said she could write few pages about that and that she would have done it by the end of the week. :)
    You'd be surprised. BBC are a hell of a lot heavier live that you'd think :mrgreen:

    I dunno when he's next in the UK :L
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