The EBU just revealed the Jury/Televote Split results. Unlike in previous years, the songs were ranked from best to worst and averaged accordingly. In previous years both groups would pick a Top 10 and use the ESC point system used since 1975.

ESC United ranked the entries to find out if there were any major differences between televote and juries and we can confirm that there were some suprises. Please keep in mind that this is not really 100% accurate as it’s all based on average so the ranking could have looked very different if the old system was used. This is just for fun and should not be considered an actual ranking.

Let’s have a look at the Semi Final 1 jury votes:

1 Denmark
2 Russia
3 Moldova
4 Ukraine
5 Austria
6 Netherlands
7 Belgium
8 Estonia
9 Belarus
10 Ireland
11 Lithuania
12 Cyprus
13 Croatia
14 Montenegro
15 Serbia
16 Slovenia


Televote results for Semi 1

1 Denmark
2 Russia
3 Ukraine
4 Montenegro
5 Lithuania
6 Ireland
7 Belgium
8 Belarus
9 Netherlands
10 Croatia
11 Moldova
12 Serbia
13 Estonia
14 Cyprus
15 Austria
16 Slovenia


Let’s have a look at the Semi Final 2 split.

Jury results:

1 Malta
2 Azerbaijan
3 Greece
4 Norway
5 Georgia
6 Finland
7 Armenia
8 Iceland
9 Israel
10 San Marino
11 Hungary
12 Albania
13 Romania
14 FYR Macedonia
15 Latvia
16 Switzerland
17 Bulgaria


The televotes:

1 Romania
2 Greece
3 Azerbaijan
4 Norway
5 Switzerland
6 Bulgaria
7 Malta
8 Hungary
9 Iceland
10 Finland
11 Armenia
12 San Marino
13 Georgia
14 Israel
15 Albania
16 FYR Macedonia
17 Latvia



Let’s check the Final breakdown as we have some interesting results here as well. Let’s start with the juries again.


1 Denmark
2 Azerbaijan
3 Sweden
4 Norway
5 Moldova
6 Ukraine 
7 Netherlands
8 Italy
9 Malta
10 Russia
11 Belgium
12 France
13 Georgia
14 Greece
15 U.K.
16 Estonia
17 Iceland
18 Finland
19 Armenia
20 Germany
21 Hungary 
22 Belarus
23 Ireland
24 Romania
25 Lithuania
26 Spain


So let’s see how the televoters ranked the songs:

1 Denmark
2 Ukraine
3 Azerbaijan
4 Greece
5 Russia
6 Norway
7 Romania
8 Hungary
9 Malta
10 Italy
11 Netherlands
12 Iceland
13 Belarus
14 Ireland
15 Armenia
16 Germany
17 Belgium
18 Sweden
19 Moldova
20 Finland
21 Lithuania
22 U.K.
23 Georgia
24 Estonia
25 France
26 Spain

Everyone can take a deep breath, the televoters and juries agreed on the winner.

Once again, please keep in mind that neither the televoters nor the juries actually gave any points individuall so the average ranking isn’t something representative and only done for fun.

 In order to get the actual points, we would need to look at each country and how they voted. Unfortunately the EBU informed us that they will not reveal results by country therefore the information availble to us is incomplete.

There most you can do with these numbers is look for trending. Montenegro, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria received more support from the televoters while Moldova, Sweden, Georgia, Austria and Estonia received help from the juries. How that would like like in actual points we don’t know.

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  1. Roy van der Merwe

    June 5, 2013 at 16:37

    I think even coming last the exposure for a singer is great unless you are already a big name. I still think in any competition someone must come last and I hav liked several songs that came last, notbly Norway 1981, ALDRI I LIVET. Then also I have hated a song that came last, like Switzerland 2004, so I guess Eurovision caters for all tastes and we have to accept that.

  2. rajo

    May 29, 2013 at 18:07

    Since 1999 televoters are always sinking Austrian hopes, except for 2003, when we were booked last.

    So, I guess leaving for good is overdue.

  3. Zack

    May 29, 2013 at 10:00

    Roy, the clustered results are a bit misleading because they are averaged out. The way that this discrepancy could be identified would be to have each of the 39 countries’ jury and televoter split results. But since we will not be getting those, we can only speculate.

    Albania and Italy gave Spain 6 and 2, respectively.

    UK, Sweden, Cyprus gave Ireland 1, 2, and 2 respectively.

    Spain was probably an example of a middle-of-the-road song that would have placed last in the old voting system but was helped (not much though) by the new one.

    No idea…open to people’s ideas

  4. Roy van der Merwe

    May 29, 2013 at 08:08

    I do not understand this very well. I see Spain got last place with Juries and last place with Televoters still it did not end last?

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