In the recent days, we could announce that Roxen was confirmed by TVR to represent Romania & Montaigne was confirmed by SBS to represent Australia in 2021. However, not all countries have gone this path with their 2020 participants, and among them we now find Denmark.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021

Yesterday, DR (National broadcaster of Denmark) could reveal that they had made the decision, to start on a fresh in 2021. Unfortunately, 2020 became a very messed up year very early, and that had greater consequence on some countries than others.

In 2020, the Danish national final was set to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the contest, by having all 10 competing acts in the final being performed by a live orchestra. The show also included a radio semi-final stage, which was the first time in over a decade that the Danish national final had featured more than 10 songs. It was also the first time that the national final had taken place in the capital of Copenhagen, in almost 2 decades.

Sadly, a lot changed as we progressed in 2020, and the national final suffered a lot, from the last minute decision of having the national final without an audience in the venue.

The winners of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020, Ben & Tan, remained positive after their victory and looked very much forward to a venue filled experience with fans in Rotterdam.

However, it was just not meant to be for the duo, since not only did this years contest get cancelled, but DR had also taken the difficult decision to not select them internally.

There had been talks about including Ben & Tan in the national final again next year, but that won’t be the case anymore. Fans and even the duo had expressed that they wished for an automatic spot in the final, but DR came to the decision that it won’t happen. The duo are still allowed to submit a new entry to the selection, but Tanne “Tan” Balcells had the following to say after the decision:

  • I think the alternative show sounds like a great idea. It’s a awesome initiative the gathers us all – on our own – when we now can’t be together in a venue. That way it won’t feel like the show has been completely cancelled. – Speaking about Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.
    I feel like we would take the spot from someone else. We have already tried to be a part of the show. Next year, it must be someone else’s turn. Which is the most fair.
    We could also risk participating again next year and lose, and that could be what people will remember. Then we would rather finish on a victory and just continue on our music.

This means that Denmark has taken the decision to do as all the remaining nordic countries have, by going with an completely new start in 2021 by keeping their ongoing national finals.

More news about next year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will follow after the Coronavirus-pandemic is over. For now DR has instead agreed to broadcast the special Eurovision show that will replace this years competition, which with act as the best possible ending of the 2020 season.

What do #YOU think about the decision made by DR to not invite Ben & Tan to compete next year and how well do #YOU think that “Yes” would have done in Rotterdam? Join us on our forum HERE on on our social media sites.

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