The rumors were all over the places for this years Austrian representative, even with hints being given out by the Austrian national broadcaster (ORF). The rumors kept going all the way until month, when it was finally revealed that Lum!x and Pia Maria would represent the country, and today we finally get to see the official release of their song “Halo“.

Austria in 2022

Austria has been going internal with their selection, since 2017. Granted, it has not worked out for them all the time, but it has worked out better like that, than with a national final since their return in 2011. This includes a victory in 2014, and a 3rd place finish in 2018, both being some of the best results ever for Austria.

Therefor it does makes sense that ORF continues with internally picked entries, and that’s exactly what they’ve done for 2022 as well, despite failing to qualify the past two contests. Last month, it was officially revealed that DJ Lum!x featuring young female vocalist Pia Maria, would be the duo for the job. The duo ain’t as simple as they might sound, so should you find yourself interested in knowing a bit more about them, you’re free to do so right here.

In the past few days, the pair has released snippets and some sort of build-up to the release of their song “Halo“, which has now been officially made available today. The song can best described as an electro-dance track with lots of energy in it.

The duo will perform in the second half of the first semi-final, which is set to take place on the 10th of May 2022, in Turin, Italy.

Do #YOU believe that this is the song that will bring Austria back to the final or do #YOU think Austria could be headed for another non-qualification? Tell us your thoughts on our forum right HERE or on any of our social media sites online.

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