Silence, silence and more silence, until just recently! Armenian national broadcaster (AMPTV) has finally announced that they have finally taken the decision to reveal, who will be representing the country in the upcoming contest.

Armenia in 2022

To begin with, let’s finally welcome Armenia back into the contest. Armenia was among the original countries that intended to participate in Rotterdam back in 2020. Unfortunately the contest was cancelled, and many had hoped that then selected singer Athena Manoukian would get her second shot in 2021, things panned out differently for Armenia. The country was eventually forced to pull out from 2021, due to the aftermath of the Artsakh war.

Therefor, 2022 will be the first official Armenian song, since 2019, and just maybe could become the first Armenian to qualify to the final, since 2017.

The selected artist has been chosen internally, Armenia has in recent years changed between formats of selection, and this year 21 year old Rosa Linn will get the chance to represent the country in Turin.

Head of Delegation, David Tserunyan had the following to say about the selection of the artist:

  • Together with local and international focus groups, which included both professionals and fans of the contest, we have reviewed several applications from well-known, as well as new-coming artists. As a result, 21-year-old Rosa Linn was selected to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2022: a small town girl with a big heart and her own story. Our team is at the final stage of the production and we’re excited to share this story with the Eurovision community and the world.

Below you can watch a presentation video from Rosa Linn, her song will be released on the 19th of March 2022.

Are #YOU excited about this decision and what kind of expectation do #YOU have for Rosa Linn’s song for Turin? Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum right HERE or our any of our social media sites.


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  1. […] Now that Armenia is back, it was officially announced last week, the young and upcoming female artist Rosa Linn would be the one to represent the country. […]

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