She came back this year to the Austrian preselection for Eurovision and won the right to represent her country with the song „Loin d’ici”. Yes it is Zoe and we had a small chat with her.


Hello Zoe, can you tell us where did you find inspiration to write this song?

Hello ESCunited! When we write songs (we is my father and I), we try to think as little as possible. We just let it go with the flow. When we were writing „Loin d’ici” we just wanted to create a song that puts a smile on the face of those who listen to it.

This will be the first time Austria will a sing a song entirely in French. How do you feel about it? Do you expect some points from France?

I really don’t know, but I think that music is the universal language. French is historically an important language in the Eurovision. It’s the language that won 14 times already, so it is the second most successful language in the history of ESC 🙂

I think, it is a beautiful signal, if European countries exchange their languages. It shows that we Europeans are like a big family 🙂

We’ve heard that your performance in Stockholm will be different from the one from national final. Can you please reveal something to our readers?

We started to work on it already. Some elements will stay but since we know more about the stage in Stockholm now, we will rethink a lot of our ideas. We want to make a little piece of art out of it 🙂

What are your plans now, before ariving to Stockholm?

Right now I’m on a live tour through Austria. Next week, we’re shooting a Videoclip for „Loin d’ici”, then we’ll go on working on the staging and the visuals of the live show. We’ll visit some Eurovision partys before going to Stockholm for sure.

Have you heard some of the other songs that will compete this year?

I have to admit that I didn’t find any time since the austrian decision yet, to listen to all songs. I need more time to get a real impression of all participants 🙂

Final question. 🙂 Tell us something about you that is not commonly known.

Nobody knows that I have a second and a third name: My second name is Lauren and my third name is Lucia – but don’t tell anybody 😉

Thank you for time Zoe. Enjoy the tour and I’m looking forward meeting you in Stockholm. Cheers!

You’re welcome. Best reagards to you and all of the ESCunited crew and followers. See you all in Sweden!

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