21 March 2020 (last updated: 1 April 2020)

It’s been three days since Eurovision 2020’s tragic, but necessary cancellation due to the worldwide COVID-19   pandemic. As countries and delegations are picking up the pieces, the information about the upcoming 2021 contest is slowly trickling in.

It brooks no introduction, but everyone was pretty gutted by the cancellation of our beloved Eurovision Song Contest. Many artists have responded to the news, most of them interested to reprise their participation in 2021.

As of  yesterday, we know that broadcasters won’t be allowed to send their 2020 songs to the 2021 contest, regardless of whom they send. The cards have been completely reshuffled, and we’re back at square one.

Who will we definitely see at Eurovision 2021?

The following countries have officially confirmed they will send the same artist to the 2021 contest:

  • Australia – Montaigne
  • Austria – Vincent Bueno
  • Azerbaijan – Efendi
  • Belgium – Hooverphonic
  • Bulgaria  – Victoria
  • Georgia – Tornike Kipiani
  • Greece – Stefania
  • Israel – Eden Alene
  • Malta – Destiny
  • The Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy
  • Romania – Roxen
  • Spain – Blas Cantó
  • Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears
  • Ukraine – Go_A

In addition, the following artists are almost certainly reprising their representative roles:

  • Alicja Szemplinska (Poland) – OGAE Poland spoiled a possible Alicja selection.
  • Benny Cristo (Czech Republic) – Tweet by the Czech broadcaster implied they’d go for Benny again.
  • Damir Kedzo (Croatia) – Said he will be back on his instagram; HRT has yet to confirm this however.
  • Hurricane (Serbia) – persistent rumours of a “Roxen-like” NF for Hurricane from multiple sources.
  • Little Big (Russia) – want to do 2021,  which is likely to be accepted given how huge they are in Russia and beyond.

Who won’t we be seeing back at Eurovision 2021?

Basically, any country that holds a stand-alone  national selection will probably select someone new – these broadcasters may offer a slot in their national final to the 2020 representative, but whether they would win remains a big question mark.

The following countries will hold their annual music festival. Note that so far only Sweden, Israel and Estonia have confirmed that they will use their NF to decide their 2021 entry.

Will select a new entrant via an NF:

  • Estonia – Eesti Laul (Uku confirmed as a semifinalist)
  • Finland – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (Nothing known about Aksel yet)
  • Lithuania – Pabandom is Naujo (The Roop offered a free pass for the finale)
  • Norway  – Melodi Gran Prix (Ulrikke was a offered a spot, which she declined)
  • Sweden – Melodifestivalen (No details about the Mamas taking part)

Annual music festivals that traditionally double as selection formats:

  • Albania – Festivali i Kengës
  • Denmark – Dansk Melodi Gran Prix
  • (Hungary – A Dal)
  • Italy – Festivale di San Remo
  • Portugal – Festival da Canção

National finals that has been planned before the cancellation of Eurovision 2020:

  • Iceland – Söngvakeppnin (Daði won’t return unless he’s selected internally/Iceland cancel their NF)

Won’t take place:

  • Australia – Australia Decides (SBS will go full-on internal)
  • Croatia – Dora (unlikely if Damir is chosen internally)
  • Ukraine – Vidbir (Internal selection of Go_A, see above)

NF Status unclear:

  • Armenia – Depi Evratesil
  • Belarus – Eurofest
  • (France – Destination Eurovision)
  • (Germany – Unser Lied)
  • Latvia – Supernova
  • Moldova – O Melodie pentru Eurovizie
  • (Montenegro – Montevizija)
  • (Romania – Selectia Nationala)
  • Serbia – Beovizija
  • Slovenia – Evrovizijska Melodija
  • (United Kingdom – You Decide)

Besides Ukraine, it’s currently unknown which of the aforementioned countries will modify or cancel their national selection in order to give their robbed artist their time to shine. Latvia’s Samanta Tina calls herself the 2021 Latvian representative on social media, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Will possibly pick a different artist via internal selection:

  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Leslie Roy (Ireland) and the BBC (UK) have implied on social media that the cooperation between artist and broadcaster have come to an end, at least for the time being.

Want more information? 

I have made a thread on our message board, where I’m keeping a log of every participant, confirmed or rumoured, for the 2021 contest. I’m keeping the log up-to-date whenever I can – You can always check it out if you’re wondering whether your favourite 2020 act will make the transition to next year.

We will continue to cover and create content during this season. Once we get more information from reliable sources, we’ll get right back at you.

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