Liverpool, 08 May 2023

The dress rehearsals are finally upon us! Let’s go through all of them one by one and give you some more details about all of the performances! Buckle up and get through all of the 15 performances today!!

Note: Images and videos will be added once they go online on the official channel. 

Country: Norway
Act: Alessandra
Song: “Queen of Kings”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 01/15

Alessandra kicks off the show with beautiful purple lighting from a far shot going into a closeup verse. There is beautiful blue lighting towards the prechorus and chorus. The dancers join her on the stage just before the chorus kicks in. There is a lot of shadow-dancing happening where the dancers appear and disappear from behind Alessandra in the second verse.

The second chorus is where we see the lightsticks from the national final make an appearance. then the bridge turns the lighting into beuatiful warm yellow, orange and red tones before the hits her big note towards the end

Overall a solid upscale and polish of the national final performance, not too much that changed from it!

Country: Malta
Act: The Busker
Song: “Dance (Our Own Party)”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 02/15

The performance starts with a digitalized globe spinning and us cutting to cardboard cutouts of previous performers. They walk through the door to the main stage where the first chorus pops off with lots of purples and a few yellow tones as well. There are a lot of zooms throughout the performance.

After the first chorus we have a similar graphic from the national final to go to act 2. We also get a shot of a cat shooting lasers from its eyes towards the ending of the second verse.

In the third verse they get rid of their sweaters to reveal glittertops and we get a bit of a dance breakdown from the band. We also get a camera angle towards the crowd with the drummer going to an extra drumset. The entire ending third is silver and very fun! Great improvement on the national final performance

Country: Serbia
Act: Luke Black
Song: “Samo Mi Se Spava”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 03/15

As with the national final performance, Luke Black lays on the white platform that looks a bit like a lotus. It seems to be a lot bigger than before. The LED creature from the national final got an upgrade and seems to be even more daunting than before. Some great black and white visuals appearing when the first bass kicks in.

The second verse we see the dancers mor prominently to the side. The real choreography with the dancers only starts at the prechorus of the second chorus. After the chorus we see the text: “This Ends Now” and we see videogame graphics on the screen. The dance basically ends the way we’re used to from the national final.

Country: Latvia
Act: Sudden Lights
Song: “Aijā”
Semifinal: First (09/05/2022)
Position in Running Order: 04/15

We start the performance with a looper-type setup where they really put the focus on the instrumental. They then cut to the singer who starts off the song with some intimate lighting. At the start of the first chorus there is a burst of energy in yellow on the floor LED.

Those bursts of energy kick in for the second chorus again, but now also for the second chorus. It definitely energizes the performances nicely. Towards the ending we get a spin around the leadsinger after which he poses with an arm in the air where the two guitarists do a little solo to each other. At the end we take it back down for an intimate ending. Important note: Definitely the best vocal so far! Really pleasantly surprised.

For more coverage, join Matt & Gabe on the today’s livestream!

What do #YOU think of the first 4 rehearsals? Did you fancy Norway? How about Malta? Was Serbia more your cup of tea? Did Latvia light your fire? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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