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So, the other day Netta’s “Toy” broke the 100 million view barrier on YouTube and became the first song from the Lisbon contest to do such a thing, and the second ever after the video for Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s Karma”, so that got me thinking – is Toy the most liked song from the 2018 contest? I’ve noticed especially in the last three years that the winners are getting a lot more divisive among fans, so I decided to work out the ratio between the likes and dislikes of all 43 songs that competed this year and see which was the most universally liked. I’ll only be going through the top 10 in depth but will leave the full list at the bottom of the post. Some of the results some people may find surprising!

All statistics are correct as of 12th December 2018 and have been taken from the official videos in the official Eurovision Channel’s 2018 playlist.

10th Bulgaria – Equinox – Bones – 94.65%

So in tenth place it’s Bulgaria. They’ve achieved a total of 95,798 likes whereas only getting 5,416 dislikes on YouTube giving them a like percentage of 94.65. However, they were only able to finish in 14th place at the end of the night in Lisbon.

9th Greece – Yianna Terzi – Oniro Mou – 94.81%

Coming in in ninth is Greece, as Yianna Terzi and her song “Oniro Mou” gained a total of 37,403 likes and only 2,048 dislikes giving her a total percentage or 94.81. However despite this, Greece failed to qualify for the final this year, finishing in 14th place in the semi final overall.

8th Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef – Lie to Me – 94.97%

Lie to Me is the second most viewed song from 2018 behind Israel and it’s the eighth most universally liked! Mikolas has racked up a massive 285,379 likes to just 15,111 dislikes giving him a grand percentage of 94.97. He achieved the best result in Czech Republic’s history earlier this year finishing in 6th place at the end of the voting.

7th Spain – Alfred & Amaia – Tu Cancion – 95.00%

The power couple of 2018… well… former power couple of 2018 comes in in 7th place on this list. They achieved a huge 268,270 likes and got only 14,120 dislikes giving them a percentage of exactly 95.00. However, this didn’t help their run in Eurovision itself finishing in just 23rd place after performing in the dreaded number 2 slot on the night.

6th Switzerland – Zibbz – Stones – 95.38%

Yes… You’re reading this right… Switzerland is in a top 10 of something! They received 20,813 likes but only 1,007 dislikes! This gave them a percentage of 95.38. This however didn’t push them into the final in Lisbon continuing Switzerland’s unlucky streak. They finished 13th overall in their semi-final.

5th Lithuania – Ieva Zasimauskaite – When We’re Old – 95.66%

Kicking off our top 5 is Ieva from Lithuania. When We’re Old received 43,218 likes and only 1,961 dislikes which gave her a percentage of 95.66. Lithuania surprised quite a few people in Lisbon qualifying for the final and finishing 12th overall. Sometimes simple is better guys…

4th Germany – Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone – 95.78%

Next in our countdown is Germany and Michael Schulte with his touching ballad You Let Me Walk Alone. It received a total of 38,239 likes but only 1,683 dislikes giving it a likes percentage of 95.78. Germany managed to equal this result in Lisbon too finishing fourth just two points off the top three.

3rd Austria – Cesar Sampson – Nobody But You – 95.85%

Speaking of the top 3… In 3rd place is Austria. Cesar Sampson and his song Nobody But You achieved 67,842 likes and 2,939 dislikes giving him a percentage of 95.85. Similar to Germany, they also finished 3rd in the real contest, with a total of 342 points.

2nd Denmark – Rasmussen – Higher Ground – 96.08%

Just missing out on the top spot is Rasmussen from Denmark. He achieved second place by getting 69,921 likes and only 2,851 dislikes, giving him a grand total of 96.08%. Denmark eventually finished in 9th place in Lisbon after a poor score from the juries dragged them down.

1st Italy – Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente – 96.10%

Winning this list is Italy with Ermal and Fabrizio with their inspirational ballad “Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente”. They got 41,950 likes but only 1,703 dislikes giving them a total of 96.10 putting them just ahead of Denmark. Italy managed to finish fifth on the night after coming third on the televote.

You may have noticed a few big names weren’t in this top 10 – where is Israel? Where is Cyprus? Where is Estonia? Here is the full list of 2018 entries where #YOU can find out!

  1. Italy – 96.10%
  2. Denmark – 96.08%
  3. Austria – 95.85%
  4. Germany – 95.78%
  5. Lithuania – 95.66%
  6. Switzerland – 95.38%
  7. Spain – 95.00%
  8. Czech Republic – 94.97%
  9. Greece – 94.81%
  10. Bulgaria – 94.65%
  11. Cyprus – 93.81%
  12. Belarus – 93.69%
  13. Ireland – 93.65%
  14. Poland – 93.40%
  15. Malta – 92.25%
  16. Finland – 91.45%
  17. Albania – 91.40%
  18. Belgium – 91.38%
  19. Australia – 91.31%
  20. Estonia – 91.17%
  21. Azerbaijan – 90.87%
  22. Ukraine – 90.51%
  23. Hungary – 90.31%
  24. Sweden – 89.65%
  25. Moldova – 89.50%
  26. Serbia – 89.11%
  27. France – 88.72%
  28. Latvia – 88.19%
  29. Portugal – 87.85%
  30. United Kingdom – 87.71%
  31. FYR Macedonia – 87.38%
  32. Romania – 87.32%
  33. Armenia – 87.26%
  34. Norway – 87.08%
  35. Iceland – 86.64%
  36. Netherlands – 85.55%
  37. Croatia – 84.15%
  38. Montenegro – 82.46%
  39. Slovenia – 81.64%
  40. Georgia – 74.51%
  41. Israel – 71.50%
  42. San Marino – 66.22%
  43. Russia – 38.60%

So I hope you enjoyed reading about this experiment as much as I enjoyed doing it! What do #YOU think? Are there any surprises among these results? Would you like to see more experiments like this? Let me know by commenting below or getting in touch on our social media platforms!

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