Once again we asked you to predict who will qualify for the grand final during tonight’s semi-final, and a total of 1,875 votes were cast by 252 readers. And now it’s time to reveal the results!

It should come at no surprise that Switzerland’s very own Nemo topped our poll tonight collecting a total of 195 votes from users – solidifying them as one of the fan favorites in tonight’s semi-final.

Coming up right behind them in the poll was Netherland’s Joost Klein who received a total of 185 votes overall. If you’re interested in some statistics that means that 73% of readers who voted have Netherlands on lock to qualify, while 77% have Switzerland on lock.

The ten qualifiers according to ESC United readers

Below are the ten acts that the readers have predicted to qualify:

  1. Switzerland 🇨🇭 – Nemo with 195 votes
  2. Netherlands 🇳🇱 – Joost Klein with 185 votes
  3. Greece 🇬🇷 – Marina Satti with 179 votes
  4. Norway 🇳🇴- Gåte with 175 votes
  5. Armenia 🇦🇲 – LADANIVA with 160 votes
  6. Georgia 🇬🇪 – Nutsa Buzaladze with 158 votes
  7. Belgium 🇧🇪 – Mustii with 145 votes
  8. Israel 🇮🇱 – Eden Golan with 144 votes
  9. Austria 🇦🇹 – Kaleen with 134 votes
  10. Estonia 🇪🇪 – 5MIINUST x Puuluup with 103 votes

A clear divide between tenth and eleventh place

That means that according to the readers Albania, Czechia, Denmark, Latvia, Malta and San Marino will not qualify for Saturday night’s final. You can see the full breakdown of the vote for non-qualifiers below:

  1. San Marino 🇸🇲 – MEGARA with 82 votes
  2. Malta 🇲🇹 – Sarah Bonnici with 74 votes
  3. Denmark 🇩🇰 – SABA with 55 votes
  4. Czechia 🇨🇿 – Aiko with 49 votes
  5. Latvia 🇱🇻 – Dons with 23 votes
  6. Albania 🇦🇱 – BESA with 14 votes

Once again this list aligns perfectly with the qualifiers and non-qualifiers that team ESC United chose after the first dress rehearsal. And in just a few short hours we’ll know just how right or wrong we were!

Would #YOU be happy with this list of qualifiers? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited or on our forum page now!

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