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  • Haha, I barely use it at all but I do.

    Sorry I haven't been able to reply to your last PM yet. Just haven't had the time but hope to soon. Have a nice sunday :)
    It's interesting that I don't remember at all the pretext that made me quit everything, because I had a lot of reasons: my laptop died, then I used my dad's and my brother's computers to go on in the contests, I had also busy life with friends, work etc, and as I remember, I was not in a relationship back then, so I can't blame my husband for that either. I guess it was a bit of everything! :lol:
    Ahaha, yeah! Atsoumpalia was my nation! How could I forget that? :lol:
    I don't know what happened that time, I left all contests like I was a fugitive or something! :lol:
    Hey! Of course I remember you! The thing is that the .net part of my life was almost deleted from my memory (LOL), I didn't even remember I was in ISC! :lol: Well, I'm very busy with life, I barely find time for NSC and FSC, so another contest would kill me right now! Perhaps when I'll have more time, I might think of joining ISC and FSC of .net! Kisses xkiss
    I tried writing back to your PM but your inbox is full. I sent "High" though this edition, not "Gold":mrgreen:
    Whoa, who are you on escforum? :O

    I quit my contests cold turkey and WV is the one I missed most... I'm gonna start there!
    That's because it is! I just coloured her jacket to sort of resemble Hungarian flag colors and then added the AWS logo.
    Thanks for telling me :D

    I know it looks strange, but it was actually the photo that worked the best out of the 10 I tried XD
    Though, if you were not sure about what the photo is then I need to change it to a better one.
    I have no idea xd my knowledge about Hungarian music scene is not so good. Anyway the song doesn't fit to A Dal at all imo.
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