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  • Nevermind! :lol: You might have gotten a notification from me, because I thought there was a wrong link for Spain in the thread, but Chrome must have acted up on me and thought I was clicking on the banner next to it. It's all good! xfacepalm
    Hey please check the WFSC April thread, Mr. Spock is trying to reach you for your votes
    I have sent my votes to him thankfully :)
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    Hey hey! Thank you for your lovely birthday message xlove xlove I had a good day yesterday - despite work :p
    Oh yes I thought you knew that :D. Other wise I would of told you.

    I like your water color paintings as do many others from the likes on the posts. :)
    You can reach me on facebook here, or perhaps Lastfm even. I'm not active though at all on facebook. I only use the chatbox thingy from time to time if someone wants to speak to me typing in real time rather than pms or the like. I don't think i'll totally be vanishing from anywhere though during my break. I just won't be so.. umm full on I guess? I'm going to watch Festivali i kenges and likely i'll feel like posting about that:mrgreen: Thank you for that lovely message as well you left me earlier on, and sorry you had to see me invade the other forum in angry mode. It was probably rather an awkward thing to see.
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