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  • sis you're nancy :O shooketh

    I'm working on it! In about half an hour you should have my scores (and if you get Hungary in WV again I want to see my 10/10s there for sure xheat)
    I did. I'm still not sure I will have enough time. How many songs do I need to listen to and judge in a week?
    Ah damn, that full inbox. Just wanted to thank for confirming the reviews & alias, in a nutshell. Have a nice day :)
    Depends on your mother tongue and the foreign languages you've learned. It has some Slavic words, which helps me. The grammar is very different - things that make it easier are the lack of a grammatical gender and the fewer (2-3) verb tenses, but vocal harmony and agglutination make it harder.
    Hey hey. Sorry. Always running short of time so that's why I couldn't answer. Today no different unfortunately. But I have until monday? So I guess it's ok to get that and the voting until then (monday included btw or has to be sunday at most?)
    I do have long hair still. It's just not as thick as it used to be. That's great that you're making some new friends, and go you winning on those scratchcards. Work it! Sounds like you had kind of a mixed week in all so far. Some not quite so dandy stuff but then also some nice positives at least.
    Hey, hey! It's been not too bad I guess. Nothing really happened though. My cat brought in a rat which was just about the only thing of note (poor rat). I just had a bath five minutes ago and am currently blow-drying my three strands of hair. How has your week been? Any cool stuff happened?
    Sorry about that! Cleared a slot now.

    I'm curious. Bring it on.

    Alright, thanks for sharing. I'll have a look. Sorry for the unanswered PM, twitter, etc. I get a bit forgetful about forum things when I'm outside the forums :oops:
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