Here is your official guide to this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024, broadcasting live from Copenhagen. We’ll provide details on the voting process and prelude program, both commencing tomorrow, the recently released running order, as well as our exclusive video interviews conducted with every competing artist at DMGP 2024.

Cast Your First Votes Already Tomorrow:

From February 10th to February 16th, 2024, you’ll be able to vote on the official DR Grand Prix app before the competition begins on the 17th. When we reach the final in Copenhagen on the 17th you’ll again be able to vote once for every song via the DR Grand Prix app or SMS. The three best-scoring songs will proceed to the next round. The super-finalists and subsequent winner(s) will be chosen based on 50% viewer votes and 50% expert jury votes. The expert jury will consist of ten Danish and ten international members. The jury is set to be revealed on the DMGP-night.

Watch the Prelude Program Tomorrow:

DR, the Danish national broadcaster, has crafted a prelude program designed to introduce the audience to the participating artists while teasing them for the upcoming show next week. Titled ‘De udvalgte – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024’ (translated to ‘The Selected’), the broadcast will air on DR at 21:00 CET. Hosting the upcoming TV program will be the winners of the 51st edition of DMGP, ‘Fyr og Flamme’.

The Official Running Order:

A couple of days ago, DR unveiled the official running order for the event. This lineup was made available on the recently updated DR Grand Prix app, coinciding with the release of the new songs and lyric videos. The order is as follows:

  1. Saba – “Sand”
  2. Stella – “Sign Here”
  3. Chu chu – “The Chase (Zoom zoom)”
  4. Basim – “Johnny”
  5. RoseeLu – “Real Love”
  6. Ublu – “Planetary Hearts”
  7. Janus Wiberg – “I Need Your Love”
  8. Aura Dione – “Mirrorball of Hope”

Get to Know Every Single Competing Artist at DMGP 2024:

To get a little closer to who has a chance to represent Denmark at Eurovision 2024, we took the time to speak to every single artist. These interviews were conducted during the press announcement event, which allowed us a limited amount of preparation time. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy the videos.


Starting in the musical industry, SABA has with her debut, ‘Sand,’ painted a picture of personal growth and resilience, drawing from her own experiences and advocating for individuality and self-expression. She looks at marking a significant step in her journey to carve her own identity as an artist.


Stella’s introspective journey to the metropolitan lifestyle shows in ‘Sign Here’, a reflection on life’s transitions. Looking to resonate with audiences through her raw authenticity and powerful storytelling.

Chu Chu:

CHU CHU ignites the stage with an electrifying genre-experimenting anthem, channeling her journey through pain and redemption into an intense, extreme, and well-thought-out performance.


Basim returns to the Grand Prix stage with ‘Johnny’, a touching tribute inspired by personal encounters, showcasing his heartfelt storytelling and reaffirming how important it is to cherish loved ones while they’re alive.


RoseeLu’s ‘Real Love’ delves into the universal quest for authenticity, crafted by well-known hitmakers Anders SG and Stine Bramsen (of Alphabeat). Experience in the US has made her ready to tackle the task of competing at DMGP 2024.


UBLU’s ‘Planetary Hearts’ is the self-explained “whip on the dancefloor”, exploring themes of longing and transformation. Using a fusion of multiple genres, UBLU looks to invite listeners on a cosmic journey of self-discovery and reinvention.

Janus Wiberg:

Janus Wiberg’s emotional ballad ‘I Need Your Love’ delves into the deep emotions, resonating with audiences as he pours his heart and soul into a grand performance, showcasing his Faroese blood and wanting to prove himself to the world.

Aura Dione:

Aura Dione, well renowned for hits like ‘Geronimo’, Aura ventures into her DMGP debut with ‘Mirrorball of Hope,’ a song radiating resilience and faith in brighter days, embodying her mission to inspire and embrace her inner mermaid.

Remember to tune in to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix live show on the 17th of February. You can watch it live on at 20:00 CET. 

Who do #YOU think Denmark should select for Eurovision 2024? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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