Europe, get ready!

The craziest night in the Eurovision calendar (outside of the actual event, of course) is upon us! That’s right, it’s the most super of Super Saturdays this evening, with no less than SEVEN songs selected for Eurovision 2023, across nine shows.

Already exhausted at the thought of what to watch tonight, and which shows to keep an eye on? Fear not! We have all of the info #YOU need ahead of Super Saturday 2023, including links to the live streams and where to discuss the shows with other Eurovision fans! Let’s dive right in…

🇭🇷 CROATIA – Dora 2023 (starts 20:15 CET)

Photo: HRT

Dora returns for another year, as 18 acts descend on the western seaside resort of Opatija in the hopes of earning Croatia’s golden ticket to Eurovision 2023. With Croatia being absent from the Eurovision final since 2017, can any of tonight’s act break the chain?

The competing acts are;

  1. Top of the Pops ft. Mario 5reković – Putovanje
  2. Yogi – Love at First Sight
  3. Boris Štok – Grijeh
  4. Tatjana Belina – Dom
  5. Krešo & Kisele Kiše – Kme kme
  6. Maja Grgić – I Still Live
  7. Barbara Munjas – Putem snova
  8. Đana – Free Fallin’
  9. Patricia Gasparini – I Will Wait
  10. The Splitters – Lost and Found
  11. Hana Mašić – Nesreća
  12. Damir Kedžo – Angels and Demons
  13. Martha May – Distance
  14. Detour – Master Blaster
  15. Meri Andraković – Bye Bye Blonde
  16. Let 3 – Mama šč!
  17. Eni Jurišić – Krenji dalje
  18. Harmonija Disonance – Nevera (Lei, lei)

Some notable faces in this selection include Damir Kedžo, who would’ve represented Croatia in 2020 but as yet hasn’t had his second chance at Eurovision, popular folk group Harmonija Disonance, former The Voice Hrvatska performer Eni Jurišić and the legendary rock band Let 3, making their Dora debut!

A 50/50 split between a professional jury and Croatian televoting will decide the Croatian entry for Liverpool this evening. Mirko Fodor, Mario Lipovšek Battifiaca and Marko Tolja will be the hosts of the show.

#YOU can follow Dora 2023 LIVE on HRT’s stream HERE. Why not join in the discussion with other fans on our forum HERE or over on Discord?

🇩🇰 DENMARK – Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 (starts 20:00 CET)

Another iconic selection show is back tonight, with eight songs competing to represent Denmark in this year’s contest. With two non-qualifications in a row with very different songs, where next for the Danes in Eurovision? Can any of tonight’s songs get the Nordic nation back to the final?

The eight hopefuls in DMGP 2023 are;

  1. Frederik Leopold – Stuck on You
  2. Eyjaa – I Was Gonna Marry Him
  3. Micky Skeel – Glansbillede
  4. Maia Maia – Beautiful Bullshit
  5. Nicklas Sonne – Freedom
  6. Mariyah LeBerg – Human
  7. Søren Torpegaard Lund – Lige her
  8. Reiley – Breaking My Heart

Perhaps the most known artist in the line-up is Micky Skeel, from the Danish dans band Puls, who achieved a number of hits in Denmark in the early 2010s. But will Micky’s name carry weight, or will it be another artist to take the crown?

The Næstved Arena in, well, Næstved will host tonight’s show, with Tina Müller and Heino Hansen taking over presenting duties. Public voting alone will decide three songs to advance to a superfinal. Once these three acts have performed again, a combination of public voting and jury votes will select Denmark’s representative for Eurovision 2023.

#YOU can follow how Dansk Melodi Grand Prix unfolds LIVE with DR’s stream HERE, and #YOU can also join in the discussion with other DMGP fans on our forum HERE or over on our Discord server!

🇪🇪 ESTONIA – Eesti Laul 2023 (starts 18:30 CET)

After two semi-finals earlier this year, Eesti Laul’s final stage is upon us! The Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn plays host to this year’s final, with twelve songs remaining;

  1. Meelik – Tuju
  2. Inger – Awaiting You
  3. Janek – House of Glass
  4. Elysa – Bad Philosophy
  5. M Els – So Good (At What You Do)
  6. Bedwetters – Monsters
  7. Andreas – Why Do You Love Me
  8. Alika – Bridges
  9. Anett & Fredi – You Need to Move On
  10. Ollie – Venom
  11. Mia – Üks samm korraga
  12. Sissi – Lighthouse

Returnees Inger and Sissi will be hoping it is their year, but can one of them make it to Eurovision? The show also features former MTV EMA winning group Bedwetters, having reformed last year.

Tõnis Niinemets and Grete Kul will host this evening’s show, which will see a combination of televoting and jury votes selecting a superfinal top three, before televoting alone chooses Estonia’s winner in an interesting reversal of Denmark’s voting system tonight.

#YOU can follow ERR’s Eesti Laul LIVE stream HERE tonight, and also follow along with other Eurovision fans in our dedicated Estonia forum thread HERE, and on Discord!

🇮🇹 ITALY – Sanremo 2023 (starts 20:40 CET)

We are almost at the end of a week of Italian variety and music, as the legendary Sanremo Festival comes to a close in its 73rd edition. Tonight, the twenty-eight acts in the running to win the festival will perform their entries one last time – so, who will it be?

The runners and riders for Sanremo 2023 are as follows;

  • Anna Oxa – Sali (Canto dell’anima)
  • Ariete – Mare di guai
  • Articolo 31 – Un bel viaggio
  • Colapesce & Dimartino – Splash
  • Colla Zia – Non mi va
  • Coma_Cose – L’addio
  • Elodie – Due
  • Gianluca Grignani – Quando ti manca il fiato
  • Gianmaria – Mostro
  • Giorgia – Parole dette male
  • I Cugini di Campagna – Lettera 22
  • Lazza – Cenere
  • LDA – Se poi domani
  • Leo Gassmann – Terzo cuore
  • Levante – Vivo
  • Modà – Lasciami
  • Madame – Il bene nel male
  • Mara Sattei – Duemilaminuti
  • Marco Mengoni – Due vite
  • Mr. Rain – Supereroi
  • Olly – Polvere
  • Paola e Chiara – Furore
  • Rosa Chemical – Made in Italy
  • Sethu – Cause perse
  • Shari – Egoista
  • Tananai – Tango
  • Ultimo – Alba
  • Will – Stupido

Many of these names will be familiar to Eurovision fans and fans of Italian music alike, including Marco Mengoni who represented Italy in 2013 with “L’essenziale” and Anna Oxa who represented Italy in 1989 alongside Fausto Leali, finishing ninth with “Avrei voluto”.

The top five after the combination of press voting, televoting and a demoscopic jury, combined with the results of previous rounds, will go on to a final round of voting. Here, another combination of the three voting methods among the top five will select the winner of Sanremo 2023, who will have first refusal on representing Italy at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

#YOU can follow the conclusion of Sanremo 2023 LIVE on RAI’s stream HERE. Come and join the discussion with other Sanremo fans on our forum HERE or on our Discord!

🇱🇻 LATVIA – Supernova 2023 (starts 20:10 CET)

Supernova concludes for another year tonight, after last week’s semi-final left us with ten acts in the running to represent Latvia in Eurovision 2023 and in the hopes of reversing the Baltic nation’s recent poor fortunes in the contest. The ten hopefuls are;

  1. Alise Hajima – Tricky
  2. Luīze – You To Hold Me
  3. Raum – Fake Love
  4. Toms Kalderauskis – When It All Falls
  5. Artūrs Hatti – Love Vibes
  6. Patrisha – Hush
  7. Sudden Lights – Aijā
  8. 24. Avēnija – You Said
  9. Avéi – Let Me Go
  10. Markus Riva – Forever

Will Sudden Lights, the presumed favourite in many fan polls, take the trophy? Will it finally be Markus Riva’s time to shine at the Eurovision Song Contest? Or can anyone else take the victory in Supernova 2023? We don’t have to wait much longer to find out!

#YOU can follow Supernova 2023 LIVE by watching LTV’s stream HERE. If #YOU want to join in the Supernova discussion with other Eurovision fans, do so on the forum thread HERE or over on our Discord!

🇱🇹 LITHUANIA – Pabandom iš naujo! Semi-Final 2 (starts 20:00 CET)

With just one week to go until the final of this year’s Pabandom iš naujo!, this is the final chance for some of this year’s artists to make it to the last show and stay in the running to represent Lithuania in Liverpool.

Ten acts are performing in tonight’s semi-final;

  1. Paulina Paukštaitytė – Let Me Think About Me
  2. Agnė – New Start
  3. Matt Len – Midnight Train
  4. Luknė – Paradise
  5. Monika Linkytė – Stay
  6. Gebrasy – Saw Your Ghost
  7. MoonBee – Rumor
  8. Beatrich – Like a Movie
  9. Mario Junes – Do What You Do
  10. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys – Sėdi ir važiuoji

Monika Linkytė previously participated in Eurovision for Lithuania in 2015, reaching the final in Vienna with “This Time” alongside Vaidas Baumila. Rock band and potential commentator’s nightmare Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys return, as does Gebrasy who will be hoping to make it third time lucky this year!

A combination of Lithuanian televoting and an expert jury will decide the five acts who qualify to the final of this year’s competition. This week’s jury consists of The Roop singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius (Lithuania 2020, 2021), Monika Liu (Lithuania 2022), Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence and the mainstays of Ieva Narkutė and Ramūnas Zilnys.

#YOU can follow LRT’s LIVE stream of the Pabandom iš naujo! second semi-final HERE, and join in the discussion with other PiN fans on our forum HERE and on our Discord server!

🇲🇹 MALTA – Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 (starts 21:00 CET)

Following three qualifier shows throughout January and a semi-final show earlier this week, we now have sixteen acts remaining in the running to represent Malta at this year’s contest. The sixteen acts remaning and their songs are;

  • Brooke – Checkmate
  • Cheryl Balzan – La La Land
  • Chris Grech – Indescribable
  • Christian Arding – Eku ċar
  • Dan – It’ll Be OK
  • Eliana Gomez Blanco – Guess What
  • Fabrizio Faniello – Try to Be Better
  • Geo Debono – The Mirror
  • Giada – I Depend on You
  • Ian – On My Own
  • Matt Blxck – Up.
  • Maxine Pace – Alone
  • Nathan – Creeping Walls
  • Ryan Hili – In the Silence
  • Stefan – Heartbreaker
  • The Busker – Dance (Our Own Party)

The most notable name here is Fabrizio Faniello, who represented Malta in 2001 and 2006. Could he make a third Eurovision appearance, 22 years after his first participation? Other names in the running include Eliana Gomez Blanco who represented Malta in Junior Eurovision 2019 and hoping to follow in Destiny’s footsteps, and Stefan Galea who was part of the first season of The X Factor in Malta.

#YOU can follow the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest via TVM’s LIVE stream HERE. Feel free to join in the conversation over on our forum HERE and on Discord too!

🇷🇴 ROMANIA – Selecția Națională 2023 (starts 19:30 CET)

Romania reached their first final in five years when wrs took “Llamamé” to the Saturday show in Turin. Can they keep it up in 2023 with any of tonight’s twelve hopefuls? The artists competing in this year’s Selecția Națională are;

  1. Deiona – Call on Me
  2. Andrada Popa – No Time for Me
  3. Ocean Drive – Take You Home
  4. Amia – Puppet
  5. Andrei Duţu – Statues
  6. Theodor Andrei – D.G.T. (Off and On)
  7. Steven Roho, Gabriella and Formaţia Albatros – Lele
  8. Aledaida – Bla Bla Bla
  9. Adriana Moraru – Faralaes
  10. Maryliss – Hai vino
  11. JaxMan – Bad & Cool
  12. Andreea D Folclor Orchestra – Periniţa mea

Laurențiu Niculescu & yodelling extraordinaire Ilinca (Romania 2017) will host tonight’s show. Public voting alone will decide Romania’s entry for Eurovision 2023, with a combination of online voting and televoting picking their representative in Liverpool.

#YOU can follow the final of Selecția Națională 2023 LIVE with TVR’s stream HERE, and join in the discussion with other fans on our forum HERE and over on Discord!

🇸🇪 SWEDEN – Melodifestivalen Heat 2 (starts 20:00 CET)

Melodifestivalen continues on this week, as we head north-east to Linköping’s Saab Arena for this weekend’s heat!

As ever, seven acts are in the running, hoping to go direkt til finalen, or at worst to the second chance semi-final. They are;

  1. Wiktoria – All My Life (Where Have You Been)
  2. Eden – Comfortable
  3. Uje Brandelius – Grytan
  4. Panetoz – On My Way
  5. Tennessee Tears – Now I Know
  6. Maria Sur – Never Give Up
  7. Theoz – Mer av dig

Fans of Melfest will be very familiar with Wiktoria, Panetoz and Theoz who all return to the competition, but keep an eye out for the hotly tipped Ukrainian singer Maria Sur, who gained notoriety in Sweden in last year’s fundraiser concert and makes her Melodifestivalen debut tonight!

As always, two songs will go directly to the final in Friends Arena, Stockholm, while the third and fourth placed acts will go to Örnsköldsvik in three weeks time for one more shot at getting to the Melfest final!

#YOU can follow this Saturday’s Melodifestivalen heat LIVE from SVT’s stream HERE, and join in the discussion with other Melfest fans on our forum HERE or on our Discord server!

What show(s) will #YOU be watching tonight? How are #YOU preparing for Super Saturday? Share your thoughts and predictions with us below in the comments, on social media or on our forums HERE!

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