San Marino is rounding the final lap in its week-long Eurovision national final marathon.

Tonight was the Emerging Artist final at Una Voce Per Sanremo, with 17 songs vying for one of nine spots in the Grand Final. Competing were the 12 acts who placed top three in the first four semis. They were:

(Click the artists’ names to view their performances, thanks to @escplus_es.)

  • Aaron Sibley (🇬🇧) with the song “Pressure”
  • Camille Cabaltera (🇮🇹) with the song “Move Em Like You Never Did”
  • Elena & Francesco Faggi (🇮🇹) with the song “Nothin’ can blow me out”
  • Artika (🇮🇹) with the song “Cyberpunk”
  • Kurt Cassar (🇲🇹) with the song “Tears of Gold”
  • Lorenza Rocchiccioli (🇮🇹) with the song “Non Mi Batte Mai Neanche Il Cuore”
  • Mate (🇮🇹) with the song “DNA”
  • Raim (🇮🇹) with the song “Feeling Broken”
  • Vina Rose (🇮🇹) with the song “Sweet Denial”
  • JeiVi (🇸🇲) with the song “Father and Son”
  • Giada Pintori (🇸🇲) with the song “Luce e Tenebre”
  • Garon x Duan (🇸🇲) with the song “Power”

They were joined by the five acts who made it out of last night’s Second Chance semi. They were:

  • Frio (🇮🇹), with the song “A noite toda”
  • Kumi Watanabe (🇮🇹), with the song “Freedom”
  • MeriCler (🇮🇹), with the song “Tiramisù”
  • Alessia Labate (🇮🇹), with the song “World Falls Down”
  • Basti (🇩🇪), with the song “Running”

Each act performed their potential Eurovision entry in front a panel of five judges. The judges then assigned each performance a numerical score out of 10. After the scores were tallied, the nine lucky acts making out of the Emerging Artist final were announced. The acts that advanced in 4th-9th place were, in no particular order:

  • Mate (🇮🇹) with the song “DNA”
  • Kurt Cassar (🇲🇹) with the song “Tears of Gold”
  • Elena & Francesco Faggi (🇮🇹) with the song “Nothin’ can blow me out”
  • Vina Rose (🇮🇹) with the song “Sweet Denial”
  • MeriCler (🇮🇹), with the song “Tiramisù
  • Alessia Labate (🇮🇹), with the song “World Falls Down”

The top three of the night were then announced, with each receiving a cash prize. In 3rd place was Basti (🇩🇪), with the song “Running”, and 2nd place went to Camille Cabaltera (🇮🇹), with the song “Move Em Like You Never Did”. And the winner of the Emerging Artist section of Una Voce per San Marino is … Aaron Sibley (🇬🇧), with his song “Pressure”. Watch his performance of the song during the first semi-final below:

The Grand Final of Una Voce per San Marino will take place live, tomorrow night, at 21:00 CET. Tonight’s nine qualifiers will face off with nine previously announced Established Artists. Included among them are Sanremo regular Achille Lauro, San Marino’s first Eurovision entrant Miodi, and Sanremo 2010 winner Valerio Scanu. It will be co-hosted by San Marino’s 2021 Eurovision entrant, Senhit, and Jonathan Kashanian.

The show can be viewed live on the broadcaster’s website here.

Do #YOU agree with the nine acts that made it to the Grand Final? Which of them, if any, do #YOU think has what it takes to best Achille Lauro and the other Established Artists? Sound off in the comments below, in our forum, or on social media @ESCUnited.

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