Will they, won't they...? Ukraine are offered another chance
Will they, won’t they…? Ukraine are offered another chance

It is now common knowledge that the troubled nation of Ukraine recently made the decision to sit out next year’s Eurovision, with even major news sites such as the BBC reporting on the news. However, it appears that there might indeed be hope after all, and it comes in the form of someone who has helped Ukraine before!

Timofey Nagorny, the producer of former Ukrainian participant Mika Newton, has told the Russian-language newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that he would be willing to fund Ukraine’s participation in 2015, reacting negatively to the latest news from the Eastern European country.

Timofey Nagorny helped Mika Newton and Ukraine to a 4th place in 2011
Timofey Nagorny helped Mika Newton and Ukraine to a 4th place in 2011

The producer, who helped Mika Newton to a 4th place result in the contest in Düsseldorf 2011, has said that Ukraine needs “something positive” in these dark times and feels that withdrawing from the contest would be a mistake. As a result NTU has been offered full financial assistance to participate next year if they are willing to help him organise a selection.

The BBC reports that the broadcaster would only be willing to participate if there were enough funds to do things properly, so perhaps we might be seeing Ukraine in Vienna after all, courtesy of Mr Nagorny.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Would you like to see Ukraine taking part in Vienna? Or should they stay at home, all things considered? Let us know your thoughts here or on our forum!

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