Another post, another interview and next in the line is TuralTuranX from the land of fire, or as most people know, the country of Azerbaijan. We found the twins hanging out at Euroclub, this year located in the local Liverpool club Camp and Furnace, where we got a small chat with them.

If you’ve ever wondered about their stage name and why it has a “x” in it, well they have the answer in the interview and so much more as well. You can also imagine with twins, that certain opportunities would arise, so we get to hear what kind of shenanigans they’ve been up to.

The duo are also not only about music, but about passion for movies and gaming as well, just to share a small bit of themselves with out viewers. Maybe they have something in common with #YOU?

Azerbaijan as a country has been competing every single year in the contest, since they first took part in it, all the way back now in 2008. Just within a few years, they had even secured their first victory as well, when they won it all in 2011. This year will be the 15th participation in the contest.

Who are TuralTuranX?

Since we are talking about twins, then the duo consists of brother Tural and Turan Bağmanov, both born on the same day. They originate from the Northwestern town of Zaqatala. The Twins have some experience with music, but are just starting now with their career, as the Eurovision Song Contest, will be their first big performance.

The twins are street performers, as in they took their chance by playing for people on the streets of Baku, which was one of their only options available, especially during the pandemic. It was also here, where they started their first band, which was known by the name TheRedJungle.

There was no intent to properly take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the brothers simply decided to try their luck, and their decision of taking the chance, is exactly what now will make them perform for more than 150+ million people worldwide.

Did #YOU learn about bit more about Turan and Tural and tell us more about what do #YOU think about their chances this year?
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