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The ESC United BIG TOURNAMENT is back. For a third year in a row, our readers and everybody interested in taking part, can vote for their favorite Eurovision songs of all time – Tournament style.

This annual event has become one of our biggest hits and we hope you’ll be taking part in it as well as every single vote counts.


How is this going to work?
Every round a group of 25 – 27 songs will compete and you can vote on them using the ESC Point system (12,10, 8 -1 points). At the end of each voting round the Top 10 from each Group will move on to the next round. It’s that simple. PM your votes to THE BIG TOURNAMENT profile or cast your votes using the SCOREWIZ link. All songs were randomly selected so it’s not uncommon to see songs from the same year, several songs from the same country or even several winners in the same group. Some groups may be considered stronger than others but it’s all the luck of the draw. Remember to cast your votes quickly as the voting windows are short. For your convenience, YT clips will be added in case you are not familiar with all songs.


7 Simple Rules:

1. Please listen to all songs before sending us your votes. For your convenience, we added YouTube links so all you have to do is click on it and enjoy the music.
2. Only one vote per user. If we discover that you are created two separate accounts for the sake of doubling your votes you will be disqualified.
3. We check every vote and any invalid or incomplete votes will result in disqualification
4. The Mod team is doing their best to make this tournament a fun experience for everyone. However criticizing the team in the thread is not allowed.
5. You don’t have to vote every round and we understand that real life takes priority. Please do not complain if your votes were not counted because you voted past the deadline.
6. It is okay to share some of your votes (e.g. your 12 points or your random top 5) but it is NOT okay to post your full votes.
7. The purpose of this tournament is to appreciate and celebrate all songs starting with 1956 all the way to 2013. If you’re a person who only enjoys music from a particular decade only, this may not be the right game for you. It affects the outcome for those who want to give all songs a fair chance.


Now we know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t this take forever?

The anser to that is “Yes and no”. This tournament is part of the ESC off season and while the entire process may take a few months, it gives people something to do and creates a wonderful atmosphere among our community as people talk about their favorites, share their thoughts on songs they have forgotten about or never even heard of.

This is the third year we’re doing this and some people voted every single round while others sat out a few rounds but in the end everybody had a lot of fun. We hope you’ll take part, the first group is already up where 27 songs will fight for one of the 10 spots.





You can click HERE and register on our forum in order to vote, your votes will not be counted without an account. You will need to use your username if you decide to vote via scorewiz. Registration is free and only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Good luck and may the best song win!!!!!


The results are in:

Results G1-1


For the actual scoreboard breakdown click HERE (Top 10 is hidden)

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